Outdoor Grow 2021 || Bending Your Plants To The North

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  1. i have seen a vid about this training technique. i'll do some research to find it and then post. also, i've been subscribed for years and have always wondered about the mask. but i easily grew used to it. and looked forward to the changes. i think it is a piece of your attraction. i wait for your next vids and when they come i get my paper and pen ready. thank you for what you do. your student

  2. Hey man I have a question, how is it that you grow 12 plants? I thought in cali you're only allowed to grow 6. I have 10 seeds to use but I don't want to get in trouble ?.

  3. This is why I been following you for 2 years bro! Since the old channel lol! I love fact always improving your already bad ass grow style! Cheers and cant wait see what come up with!

  4. i ben out of the game now for 2 years I have learned so much from you in the past and I thank you for all the info gave me but can you post more often everyone look forward to your videos

  5. Did my plants last year, worked really good got like 3 to 4 a plant, what I learned for me was I'm going to thin the bottoms out some more this year they had a bit to much moisture under mine but my humidity last year was a bit high but still did good. Worms love pumpkins too! 2021 can't wait!

  6. Yo Kali, thanks for the awesome vid. In my first year of growing I bent my plants to the North also! They were giant bushes for sure! But I tied all my stalks down with stakes an twine all facing the North as much as possible. Since I’m quite a bit more South than you, I get full Sun from about 9:00am till 5:00 or 6:00pm. Might try that again. Had too many problems with lollipoping last year with those cages. Cheers???

  7. Dude I’ve been on your channel for a grip and always did wonder about the whole mask deal lol. Looks like your living your best life right now. Kudos brother! From the east coast wouldn’t mind bumping into you in October!??

  8. I just ordered Down to earth box nutrients and pro mix . After I mix all of the nutrients and pro mix together I know that it has to break down , but for how long ? And can I add worms to it while it's breaking down , or add the worms once I plant into the soil ?

  9. Bro I cant wait to start this season starting from seed too !! I had a question can i feed n water my plants from seed to flower n flush with tap water that's ph'd or do I need RO water for flush ?

  10. Should I keep using azomite and coconut meal right up until flushing? I'm in Australia and outdoor, it's my first season using dry amendments and have never had such healthy plants and no pests, Neem meal is bloody brilliant! Great information as always. Stay safe and take care mate ✌️

  11. Hey Kali
    I’m at the top of the South Island New Zealand,
    I have been training to the south “southerhemisphere” and using your cage technique, bamboo is good but you will need your cages for support and will have to top to get that bush canopy,
    I have 2 weeks to go for one strain no bugs and 6 weeks for the other, thanks for your inspiration! Look forward to your 2021 season,

  12. What’s up bro.. I’m new to the channel and instantly became a big fan. Question; what is your favorite strain for growing outdoors and where do you get them from.. shout out from San Jose!!keep up the good work!!

  13. This the same way I do my girls outside thanks to weed school for two years now. I even plant my girls at an angle in the beds facing north so I can start the training without having to bend them hard. They love it and tops for days!!

  14. u will be surprised how many bamboo you will need doing it with just bamboo. Ive been doing the same technique with bamboo for a few years.

    Last year I also used a trelise net about 5-6 feet up and spread it flat in sheets over the plants and used that to somewhat scrog which essentially the same thing as spreading with bamboo. Except you save money on not needing as many bamboo by using the trelise to spread/support instead.

  15. I have used bamboo for the last three year's and i have grown some big mommy's but bendimg to tje north i jabe done bit i just didn't realize that really aboit the sun just didn't to be cool

  16. Nice one, I did LST and bending, one thing that you should take in consideration. You could see a real, real bushes and that's when the mold can arrive and give you a lot of problems at the end of the year. So make sure that you have enough air flow in the middle of your plant , be precise and do it before flowering. Good luck, happy growing.

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