Old Dog Grows…Four Different Ways to Germinate Cannabis Seeds…Side by Side Demo and Comparison

M.C. decides to do a little Germination Determination Experimentation at the love shack in anticipation of his outdoor grow. 4 different techniques in a Side by …


  1. I got a couple seeds, do you think its a good time of year to start trying to grow them? (CO) I looked up the strain and found out that its supposed to be harvested in October, but i couldn't find any info on when to plant 'em

  2. Cool experiment. I like to put mine straight into dirt. They germinate well with proper heat. That way you reduce risk of damage in transfer. Knuckle deep, lightly covered with soil and lightly moistened with about a spoonful of warm water when needed. ill keep it in a sunny window or a nice warm room and get great results and they grow up towards the light when germinated. Some people i know pop em into an ice tray with some room temp water and when they crack/sink theyve opened and beginning to germinate but again you risk damage in transference(oils from skin, harsh handling, etc).

  3. I’m really glad this experiment went like this! Peat pods are the worst. They hold too much water, there’s no way for the seeds to get any heat, and peat’s not a sustainable resource.

    Like most things in type of gardening, the oldest, simplest method is the best.

    Cheers for the vid bro.

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