1. If u smoke big gas and an r 200 plus and smoke for a while and haven’t been clean for a long time ur gonna need to get gnc niacin with Flush 500mg it will work depending on ur weight fat percentage and how heavy u smoke but ur gonna wanna take for 3 pills to 5 pills maybe even 7 do it once a day one pill a day and it fucking burns so get in the shower or tub and u won’t really feel the burn that much it lasts like an hour in all. Like 20 mins to kick in and 40 mins of burning and itching then u good. Test urself after the couple days and I promise u. U will 100% pass drug test

  2. Yo never take over 2000 mg without docs consent,you will kill your liver. Each pill is 500 mg, and it will make your skin flush and burn,break out for 15 min or so.Its nothing to play with,dont take 5 at once,start with one, then do 2 for a whilemthen 3 ,nevef all at ones

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