My secret for a good grow – Starting a HST cannabis grow

In this video I go over my secret weapon for big dense buds and start some training on some new in-house Genetics. ?‍♂️Disclaimer: This video is for …


  1. Can that marshydro 6500 led light be used in a 5×5 grow tent been looking for an awesome led light for that tent size but there are a lot of led grow lights that came out this year which are amazing but want to get one that don’t produce too much heat in that tent?

  2. Awesome job buddy! Chopping the autos was definitely a must. They are absolutely finicky if you ask me. Hopefully I won’t be regretting trying them again. I just have a much easier time with the photos. We shall see. ???

  3. Hello. Autoflower plants can't start to flower at 12/12. That's what I'm know, maybe I'm wrong… I think it's genetics, those girls will be like a lollipops when harvest. I saw plants like this.

  4. Autos will absolutely flower in the limited light schedule. They aren't 100% Ruderalis; they still have photo genetics. The low light will still induce flower. I agree with you about starting over. That's hard for people to do. Love your grows man, cheers. BTW what genetics of Autos will you be doing?

  5. Awesome Production and Presentation Broski!!! Great Work All Around to Grow a couple Pounds! Looking Wonderful with Wonderful Tipz, Techniques and Methods! Very Extreme, Mighty Green and Creatively Clean! This Update will be on my Most Detailed and Descriptive Information playlist! Thanks for sharing! Cheers Famz!!! Much Props and Much Topz!??

  6. Hey mate, how are you? Gotta call you Rambo now man, but I understand, the haters won't lol. I use a bonsai formulated Seaweed, sounds similar to yours with the 70something minerals that the bacteria and fungi love, I've found two types of seaweed…. Anyway lol nice vid mate, your not dumb man, your that good that when the " human touch " comes into it, you just gotta laugh man…. If you cry the EC will go up…. Do you have to tell the kids why you cut those autos? OK, if you grow them, you get sweet fa out of it, if you do a restart, you will get your usual good yields…. Take care mate!!!

  7. The word cola comes from the Spanish word butt or ass or behind. A cola is meant to describe a bud that is really large almost arm length. You Canadians use that word cola very loosely. The word originated by describing a bud the size of a fox tail, hence the word cola.

  8. But they do go into flower when on 12/12. I put some autos outside in winter and went directly into flower. I thought they would go into flower when they wanted to. Thought wrong, Lesson learned. ?

  9. Great job,. I'm sure someone will complain, but good choice on cutting those down. I've had mutants over the years and learned it not worth my time, money, or space.

  10. Had to drop another comment after you said night thc = smaller bud , I just experienced that with Mimosa evo 30% thc supposedly but the buds are like small marbles , frosty as hell in week 6 and smell's insane but maybe 20 grams dry , if it didn't smell divine I'd turf it , Critical + gets massive and potent , beautiful bud's brother !

  11. Every time I look at your light , my head hurts because I have the same lamp and I've whacked my head on it so much I may have brain damage , nice info , I run two 4foot LEDs on the walls horizontal (5×5, makes larf and popcorn history and keeps my heat up ! With that lamp you could probably pee on those girl's and you'll still get granade's ! I've experimented with different nutes since getting the Fc6500 in August , GIA , Veg+bloom , Cyco , Pure blend pro , and Maxi bloom ( can't buy it anymore in Canada) , I never saw any difference and settled on Veg+bloom just based on price , thanks for the video , keep them coming !

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