My Daily – Watch what CBD oil does for your pets – try not to cry

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  1. Q is there a minimum age limit to be an affiliate? Reason for asking, I know a young girl that is on SSA or SSI I believe because of her mother's death at age three I believe. Her father about to go to prison. Long story I'd like your opinion on how to help her.

  2. 15yrs ago I had a dog eat a 1/4 oz of marijuana..It resulted in seizures for a year,she had 4 or 5..It was horrible,you had to keep everyone & the dog calm.The calmer the better & just pet the dog & calmn down…I wish CBD was available back then..

  3. I’m with Zilis way better 94% absorption with organic technology and Ziliz has A Patriots programm that help the Veterans for free .. also has all hemp seal of us authority and Zilis has a clinical study performed by Mayo Clinic in their hemp .

  4. My old Dr pushed depression tests and pills, starting about 10 years ago. My new one started last visit. To say these Doctors aren't told what to do is just ignorant.

  5. Pimpy, animals are highly intelligent and highly sensitive beings. They actually feel the energies around them, and help transmute it. So they are doing a lot of work on the invisible, energetic level, especially cats. They also pick up on their owner's energetics. Be aware, all living beings in the physical bodies are also made of invisible energetic bodies (our Soul's Energetic blueprint). So phantom pain (of an amputated limb) pretty much explains or shows proof of an energetic body that still "remembers" the physical part that used to be there.

  6. Chihuahua dogs are very close to their owners and emotions and illnesses. Often they take on some of the illnesses of their owners. You just went thru a major life change ending a long term relationship. Just as you went to Las Vegas to decompress what did you do for the chihuahua – major changes will cause the anxiety and depression

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