Montel: Opiates don't work for me, medical mariijuan…

CNN’s Piers Morgan talks with Montel Williams and Sanjay Gupta about the benefits of legalizing medical marijuana.


  1. I'd be more than willing to take cannibus in any form, method that works. Opiate's do work for me, it's the healthcare system & the government I don't have real good success with. If they'd listen to patients, stop treating us like we're not worthy, my quality of life would improve 100%. I spend every waking moment suffering, hustling, looking for the next hustle so I can at least semi tolerate the excruciating pain thanks to the lucky folks who didn't get abandoned when the government, unethical medical practice decided I wasn't worthy. If they're promoting bitterness, resentment, count me in. Am I pissed that the only reason I can lead an unfamiliar, miserable lifestyle is because of the people who get opioids & don't need them were deemed worthier than me, and sell them for a disgusting profit every month? You better believe it. If you don't learn how to get in the hustle game, keep up, pay attention, balance gougers & be quicker than the junkies – you're dead. Brilliant. Again, if I could find medical marijuana or anything that could relieve my pain I'd do it in a second. Not only did those scumbags discharge me without a parting script after 5 years as a completely compliant patient but rather based on their clumsy, unexcusable, potentially deadly clerical errors that I FOUND, POINTED OUT, and they acknowledged, yet they str8 threw me to wolves to save their own immoral asses. It's all you can do to survive much less have the strength to fight 10 battles when the #1 war is simply having the strength, ability to fight each day just to dull even a sliver of the debiltating pain we're riddled with. Let me tell you I hurt, I ache, I burn, I tingle, I'm weak, parts of me go numb for days at a time, and I get dangerously exhausted to the point of tunnel vision & sheer terror, fear I won't make it to a safe spot where I can wait in the shade so it can subside anywhere from an hour to several hours. Did I mention my current options are staying in a violent, abusive relationship for survival or getting out for survival? I'm somewhere in between at the moment & trust me when I tell you there's nothing accommodating about being in limbo, abandoned, in dangerous places at dangerous times dangerous unfamiliar towns with no hope insight and if you think there's a place I can call that'll get me the housing or healthcare I need, you think wrong. I'm exhausted after a shower, going to my car, running into the gas station. I live in state of endless recovery & that's an extremely humble way of saying it without a shred of exaggeration. When I say exhausted I don't mean like I slept wrong (that's a whole other nightmare) I don't mean like omg I could sleep all day I mean like WHAM I'm DONE from one second to the next. It's normally a combination of being out of strength, energy & thee second I get in the car, exposed to the sun. The sun is my kryptonite. 100%

  2. I respect and appreciate cannabis for many things but for my pain it absolutely CANNOT touch it… The only thing that lets me live a somewhat "normal" life are strong opioids. It is sad that opioids are under such an attack in the media when only 8% or so of the overdoses are a direct result of prescription opioids. 92% of all fatal opioid overdoses involve illicitly produced fentanyl and a large percentage of those are also "poly-substance overdoses".

  3. i have never liked weed. I'm 72 if it was legal i would because i hate my pain meds. the side effects are not good. we baby boomers need help with this. when it is legal l will take it.

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