1. Monsanto will one day own the rights to all green vegetation in America . Do to small amounts of monsanto products mixed in to are waterways slowly changing the plants overall structure making it resistant to round up and there for falling into grey area in witch monsanto can sue u over. In states like the one I live we can no longer drill wells for farming and must pull water out of creeks rivers and lakes the same water witch has high levels of run off this run off is then poured onto fields to grow corn and soy having small traces of monsanto product . Over years of application to these strain can become resisted to monsanto chemicals giving monsanto the right to take your crop . Monsanto is the only company in America that can walk onto ur property steal from u and the sue u after …. if I stole something to try to prove it belongs to me it is still stealing especially if it isn't mine so what happens when the product they take isn't there's do they pay the farmer they stole from … didn't think so I guess all u need is to lobby a bunch of political figures to do ur bidding for u

  2. El glifosato detiene la ruta del acido shikimiko en los organismos fotosintéticos dependientes de ella, de esta manera los productores primarios no pueden producir metionina alanina y treonina y mueren. El glifosato retiene las moléculas metálicas y no metálicas de modo que el manganeso, que es el centro de la clorofila, se elimina, destruyendo las moléculas de clorofila, evitando así que los organismos fotosintéticos puedan sobrevivir y mueran. Me refiero a los principales productores que producen oxígeno y azúcar, que eliminan el anhídrido carbónico del aire, y de los 450 mil millones de bacterias que forman el microbioma de los animales vertebrados e invertebrados, que desempeñan un papel muy importante en estos organismos. Según el principio de precaución internacional, "toda tecnología que exhiba el menor riesgo para la salud humana o la de los ecosistemas no debe ser aplicada""Capítulo 18 del Protocolo de Río de Janeiro.Estas. Dos explicaciones científicamente probadas son suficientes para prohibir la producción, fumigación y uso como desecante del glifosato en todo el mundo.

  3. Glyphosate stopped the shikimik route in the photosynthetic dependent organisms so that they can not produce methionine alanine and threonine.

    Glyphosate retains the metal and nonmetal molecules so that the manganese, which is the center of chlorophyll, is removed, destroying the chlorophyll molecules, thereby preventing the photosynthetic organisms from adopting and dying. I'm talking about the primary producers who produce oxygen and sugar, which remove carbonic anhydride from the air, and the 450 billion bacteria that make up the microbiome of both vertebrate and invertebrate animals, which play a very important role in these organisms. According to the international precautionary principle, "any biotechnology that poses the least risk to human health or that of ecosystems should not be used"

    Chapter 18 of the Rio de Janeiro Protocol

    These two scientifically proven explanations are sufficient to ban the production, fumigation and use as a desiccant from glyphosate all over the world

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  4. Much preferred the coverage of this case by Democracy Now. In my opinion CBC journalists were trying to water this story down in favour of Monsanto. We need independent news such as Democracy Now, The Real News, and The Young Turks since, in my opinion, we can't rely and trust mainstream media like CBC, CNN, Fox News.

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