Missouri Supreme Court Hangs Medical Marijuana Lawyers Out To Dry

… legal assistance to prospective or licensed medical marijuana testing facilities, medical marijuana cultivation facilities, medical marijuana dispensary facilities, …


  1. Quit being scary ass defenders. It's a conflict of interest to everyone of your clients when covering your own ass. If we stand up they are scared to death. Pay attention and if you have any reservation in defending injustice quit.

  2. How can we find out who filed the suit with the court? Maybe that would give someone an idea of the motivation behind it. Did someone want to cripple the law, or did they want to get the lawyers out of the way for some other reason? There's been enough strange happenings in the Mo. system already…

  3. Do you think they did this to push the federal government to legalize? I hear they are to vote on that any week now.. Giving people no way of counsel won't work courts and jails are full already… court rooms will be a mess with people trying to rep themselves

  4. So what happens if the state Supreme Court contradicts the State Constitution? Is the only solution for the federal government to remove marijuana from the schedule one list? Can/would SCOTUS take this subject? Just the subject of contradiction between the Supreme Court and state constitution?

  5. So the State can not use a Mo licensed attorney to do their work even? Also. Isn’t your county prosecuting attorney a Mo licensed attorney? This will essentially shut down the Mo medical marijuana program. Wtf?

  6. This is really bad news for everyone. It pretty much gives law enforcement the right to hassle and arrest medical cannabis cards, and the patient can't even get legal representation to fight the charge. This SUCKS!

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