Minnesota Considers Prescription Drugs & Legalized Marijuana Legislation

ST. PAUL, MN (KROXAM.com) Minnesota legislators are considering bills that could lower the price of prescription drugs and legalize marijuana.


  1. Another reason Republicans won’t get elected here anymore. Idiots! A gold mine in taxes for the state! Get real. Make it legal! Take care of our Vets. A bunch of martini drinking, scotch swilling Republicans of course are against it! What a bunch of hypocrites!!

  2. legalize it. the benefits out way the stupid arguments. Do you go to work on prescribed meds which are far worse or do you go to work after a couple drinks. besides the revenue it will generate is astronomical. it will also keep drug pushers away from kids.

  3. With all do respect, what a thoughtless, imbecilic argument Mr. Precision Manufacturing Association has. Could you not say the exact same thing about alcohol? Of course you wouldn’t want someone drunk performing said jobs? And alcohol is legal… So backwards.

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