Meet the Grower Ep. 005 – Bryan Wachsman of 303 Organic Cannabis

Meet the Grower is a show focused on growers who also create content or work in industry. A chance to learn about the type of grower they are, as well as the …


  1. Great interview! I LOVE the Future Cannabis Project, so I appreciate the crossover

    We gotta teach the cannabis community how to say the words "FOLIAGE" and "FOLIAR". Too many want to say "FOILAGE" and "FOILAR" for some reason
    Mr. Pedantic 🙂

  2. Outstanding show and series Photo! Bryan is a joy to listen to and I like his background. I am a new farmer and going Organic from the start. Fits my sensibilities. I geek on gear, not nutrients. Subscribed as well. Organic is the future. I am watching to see how you use your new bed…is that the new direction?? not using individual pots, but a single large bed?? ….along for the ride.

  3. Where are you based? If you're looking for phenos then i might be able to help ya with that I've got about 12strains and i bred to put back all the variations that have been lost through selective breeding by backing crossing to the 1st! The original sk#1 but 4males, with all my favourites

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