Medical Marijuana Saves Lives And TERRIFIES Big Pharma

A Texas father nearly had his daughter taken away from him for treating her autism with medical marijuana. Ring of Fire’s Mike Papantonio and Peter Mougey …


  1. You need to look no further than marijuana to see that the government does not work for the people but is bought by the corporations.
    They are against the state's rights to legalize marijuana because of the wishes of big pharma.
    There is hardly a clearer and more obvious example.

  2. The new is "Charlottes Angel" PHARMACEUTICAL IJSUSTRY Its most inhumane like those Antipsychotic Psychiatric Pseudo industry of DEATH!! GO CHARLOTTES WEB AND CHARLLTTES ANGEL for children who need help they got HIIGH Cbd 15%-18% and thc >0.5. PFIZER FK YOU! AND JOHNSON JOHNSON ETC LUNDBECK AND GlaxoSmithKline MODERN DAY SS espeeiment nazi groups but with money on mind and the Psychiatric threat dont discriminate , but like they was worst and psychiatric industry Isnt better no ffing way. They damages permanently and technicly Murdered more than cartels and Opioids combine!
    I know This is controversial.

  3. How y'all doin in Texas? Im in Canada, where I can get 100% pure THC at the store if I want. And if I get in an accident on the way there, I can go to the hospital for free.

    Enjoy your freedom getting your kids taken away for BS reasons, and the freedom to get shot in school.

    We're not ready for that kind of freedom here. It must have something to do with America being an 'exceptional nation'

    Kinda like the 'special olympics'

  4. I am an epileptic as well that lives in Texas, and was illegally smokin weed to help with my seizures. Unfortunately I say was, because I also in pain management. Which takes ua's in order for people to get their drugs. Big pharma is a huge hypocrite. Before the epileptic drug that you are talking about August, they came out with a drug called Marinol or also known as Dronabinol. This is a drug that is a manmade THC pill, that is made for cancer and AIDs patients, to help with their appetite. I was originally given it to pass ua's in pain management by the first doctor I saw. She understood my situation. Unfortunately, she is no longer there, and went outta state.

  5. I am a 74 y/o female that gets bouts of gout. One application of the CBD cream applied to my swollen inflamed feet cured my gout. To this day I cant believe how quickly the inflammation and swelling disappeared. Its a wonder drug for sure

  6. I’m 61 I’ve used med MJ for 5 years, I have complicated upper GI issues caused by a deformed bile duct, I’ve seen many specialists including Mayo here in Az, had what surgery they could do been on meds, I’m a “ slow go” treating symptoms only. I suffer daily and MJ is the only thing I’ve found that gives me a quality of life. My weed costs me $160.00 a month one of my last prescription was $1200 a month and made me even sicker. I’m happy though my prognosis is bleak. Thank you for fighting for us.

  7. Its also going to be abused like all other drugs . pretty soon your kids will be prescribed dope instead of Ritalin so the parents can get away with not being parents . Put your kids on drugs , Hail Satan

  8. Texas, take heed of Willie Nelson. Let his Reserve, and products by others, be sold freely across the state for recreational and medical purposes. Follow Colorado's lead. "The bright lights of Denver are shining like diamonds, like ten thousand jewels in the sky."

  9. Big pharma deserves to be scared but I'm sure they'll find a way to make it expensive if they get their hands on. Just like insulin whose patent was sold for dollar so everyone who needed could afford it

  10. Made it difficult to get pain meds for treatment. And still fighting medical marijuana, which most people would prefer rather than taking pain meds!! There's enough money in selling marijuana, recreationally and medically to cover the cost of medical insurance for all Americans!! And would stop illegal drug trade of marijuana. Limit the need for people to buy pain meds on the street!! Which would help further the elimination of the opioid crisis!!!!! But as a disabled American! I'm going to get my medicine one way or another!!!! So the federal government better get on the ball, and kick big pharma to the curb! If the government doesn't get it shit straight! No wall, no immigration and customs enforcement, and no DEA is going to stop average Americans from doing what they have to to survive!! It's one, or the other!pretty soon we're not going to be leaving it up to the government to decide!!!

  11. The bible says there is a plant and a herb to kill every disease. Yet they would rather have you take synthetic drugs that have worse side effects than the health problem you have.??

  12. People can send their kids to be "deprogrammed from being gay" by quacks and religious zealots, but they'll go to jail for actually doing something that works, like this treatment. What hypocrisy, and all for greed.

  13. Big Pharma is just lazy and doesn't want to adapt. Either economically come up and reality at a manufacturing level they do not want to adapt. That's just plain unamerican and lazy. We're not going to bail them out and had plenty of time, and then they got a huge tax break. They said they invested oh, well now the proof has to be in the pudding otherwise that pudding is thrown away. Green as an industry is coming. The banks are getting fed up and withholding this economic industry and Healthcare is in dire need of a middle medicine. It might even assist in keeping healthcare costs down if it becomes public and if Healthcare becomes public again without the dependence of hard narcotics 100% of the commercial time. There is now a bigger more solid foundation for other medicines. We just need to legalize it and big Pharma needs to stop being lazy and stop getting in the way because the ending up working harder being lazy than they would be working hard and updating their Pharmaceuticals. Just plain lazy. Even the tobacco industry is with green to considering their hand in hand just about. This is going from silly to ridiculous quickly and will soon be unbearable. Certain groups are becoming Monopoly parties it seems

  14. You know, I'm dubious at best about marijuana's medical properties. I'm sick and tired of people acting like its some magical miracle plant that is capable of curing everything from bronchitis to the black plague when there's little to no science to back it up. That being said, taking a man's daughter away from him on that basis is definitely wrong.

  15. You gotta get the story strait it wasn't the typical pot everyone thinks of, it was a derivative called CBD that is an extraction of marijuana. Get the facts straight you can't fight fear with fear. Try using exact facts for a change. You bitch and moan but I never heard the words extract or derivative. Stop trying to counter fear with fear. Use facts, I am a good fact I've smoked pot since I was 14, I ran my own handyman business since 1990 I'm 58 and retired now. I'm not lazy or drugged out. I never got into dealing. I am going to grow my own since Canada changed it's laws. So now I have to learn more, my brain isn't fried. I don't have alzheimers but as a child of someone who died from it I'd check your own pockets.

  16. As an epileptic, I can't believe this is still a nationwide issue. Now there's Epidiolex, a FDA approved drug DERIVED FROM MARIJUANA. This is insane. I've never used marijuana or CBD therapy but I've been first hand witness to see children and adults' amount of seizures subside significantly in ONE DOSE and to see these state governments turn a blind eye based on an ideology of "war against drugs" therefore "there are no exceptions" so we must prosecute them as criminals, is absolutely sickening.

  17. Aahh, the federal restrictions on marijuana, never have the Tobacco, Liquor, and now big Pharma lobbies done so much to harm our society and show their blatant disregard for the health and welfare of our country. Their bought and paid politicians and lawyers kept cannabis in a legal hell designed to punish casual users and discourage life-changing research into its many possible benefits.
    It's fairly apparent to any reasoning person that the folks who sell booze and cigarettes could give two shits about us, but the drug companies, though also motivated by profit, can't find a moral or ethical leg to stand on. Martin Shkreli is just the boil we see, Pharma is ripe with the same infection.

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