1. Hi Clayton. My son 27, had FSH (fascio scapulare humeral dystrophy) I was looking up stuff about mj and dystrophy. He is still able to walk and "work" (no heavy lifting) he is extremely thin. I thought you had some common interest (metal?) he used to play drums but recently had to give it up …sad. Anyway, were in CA and I just wanted to say hey…

  2. I also wanted to say that through all the pneumonia, surgeries, and pain, he's always known how to smile and enjoy himself. He has become a pretty talented artist on his laptop, which is amazing because of his very limited finger mobility. You guys are true inspirations.

  3. Good to hear you're still fighting the good fight! My brother is 21 and also has DMD. I live in Rochester actually! He is in Portsmouth right now. He is currently in a nursing home. I introduced him to marijuana about 6 years ago, and it's done nothing but better him! He may need to use edibles though. He can barely move his fingers any more, and I've always needed to help him smoke. The benefits are amazing though. Also – let's hope this new stem cell med will pass soon!

  4. Romans 13:1-2 tell us to be
    in subjection to the
    superior authorities even as
    we are to God. further, we
    are to be in relative
    subjection to kings and
    governors as they have
    their positions due to God's allowance. (1Peter 2:13-17)
    Only when man's laws conflict with God's as when early Christians were ordered by Jewish and Roman courts to stop
    preaching about Christ did
    they refuse. (Acts 5:41)

  5. I live in the netherlands and over here the law does allow medical marihuana, even marihuana for consumption (bound to regulations)…

    Does the bible say which law you have to respect? 🙂

  6. It's insane how the us government position is towards medical marihuana. Come on! This is not someone who uses cannabis to get stoned, this is a man who is in pain. There is no excuse for not allowing medical marihuana, they can still allow it without having to completely legalize it. How much financial support is the medical industry giving the us government to make them completely apethic for human suffering.. Or maybe they are just heavy drinkers …

    think for a change … help this man

  7. Another interesting bit of info… What about that new cure from ISIS pharamceuticals? Have you seen their logo? A pyramid with a vertical reptilian "all seeing eye" at the top. Who is ISIS? She's the egyptian goddess of the underworld. "Antisense"? More like nonsense. What does Rx stand for? Eye of Horus. Who is Horus? The first alternative to God after the flood of Noah. Satan is corny and so is his tactics. Satan is "LIKE a lion seeking who he MAY devour"

  8. I have sma type 3 with severe muscle spasms and was prescribed vallium. Vallium is unhealthy in many ways. Medical marijuana laws are a joke, currently. I am in a subsidized apt and cannot grow or smoke it due to federal laws. Am I suppose to RUN down to my local dispensary at 3 am when I wake up from painful muscle spasms in my calves? Even if I could buy it at 3 am at a dispensary where do I smoke it legally? The bible aka God says to respect mans laws and I will, while in pain.

  9. He didn't say what way he was using it. Smoking it is no where near as healing as ingesting the oil/resin, or juicing the whole plant. This would be a great addition to Robert Morse ND healing program. Look him up on YT. Viruses are not the real problem. They can just be detoxed out of the body. They are the result of acidosis from a lymph system not moving cellular waste, and kidneys not filtering it out. Looking at the darkness of his eyes he's got a very backed up lymph system.

  10. Email me anytime. I posted a video on ending marijuana prohibition three days ago and have gotten all positive feedback for it so far. It has footage of you, Clayton. Please check it out and rate it, comment it, share it, copy it, do whatever with it you like with it.

  11. Respect 4U, Clayton! Damn the fools who would treat you like a criminal. You're a face of the resistance and your courage inspires me. My sister died in early 2011. An MS patient, but she didn't die from the MS. She killed herself at Dignitas after her drugs grew effective, and she had two young girls to take care of. She did it secretly; we couldn't stop her. She was BS'ed by society into detesting marijuana and refused to ever touch it.
    Fight for every breath brother; NEVER GIVE UP!!!

  12. People say marijuana makes you tired and lazy.. yea sure it does. but people take these stupid norcos and other shit and just pass out.. Hmm i think I'd much rather be stoned in the middle of a disaster than passed out.. at least when im stoned i have a conscious to leave or help myself or others if need be

  13. Marijuana is Jesus in plant form, it is misunderstood, followed, but still disliked by others, has multiple healing powers, can give food to those who need it, can clothe those who are naked, and can save our very way of life…

  14. And yet we have decided as a country that the inherent risks of abuse when it comes to alcohol do not outweigh the good that comes from allowing ppl to enjoy it. And pot is safer than alcohol. The pt. becomes this: is it the gov't's right to tell me what I can and cannot put into my body? No. If I drive high and kill someone then I should pay the consequences, but chances are, I wouldn't be driving more than 5 pmh anyway.

  15. That was such a touching story! I hope Clayton and others that are in similar situations are taken from the front lines of the "Drug War", those people are the completely innocent and are being killed day by day because of others fear, racism, and misinformation.

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