Marijuana Withdrawal | What Relieved Symptoms For Me

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  1. i am an hour away from 6 days and honestly the last 3 days have been rough, lots of chills and panic attacks. but i can’t deal with this anymore so like hell am i gonna smoke again.

  2. Damn thank you so much you gave me hope, im addicted since 15 years and i did some research where people say it take 5-6 month to feel normal…
    It demotivate so bad haha happy to hear that it only last around 2 weeks. ??

  3. I really thought I could do this, when I go on vacation for 6/7 days I'm fine without it!! This is day 3, my appetite is gone, dreams are crazy and I am restless. Making myself eat sucks but I pray that I can get past this. I spend way too much money and time on something that hasn't really benefited me.

  4. I tried today… after a few hours i was sweating, mind racing, seconds were like hours, wanted to vomit, couldn't eat, didn't wanna do anything, was total torture.

    Don't even wanna try again

  5. Not quite certain that there is a physical withdrawal, mental craving maybe, but I've quit and started up again several times with no physical effects. I quit once for a year and a half waiting for a piss test. I wanted to rip tubes with the boys during that time but it is what it is. I don't substitute anything. I just do what I got to do. It ain't that hard.

  6. Your video makes me feel a bit normal. Thank you for sharing. 3 days sober now and I feel like shiit. Like my brain feels as though I'm high and it's the most frustrating thing ever.? Been smoking medical grade for almost 8 years. Didnt realise that studying would be this hard.

  7. So whenever I smoke pot, it helps my anxiety and one thing I've consistently noticed is that I never ever dream when I smoke heavily. Now if I quit cold turkey I don't have any physical side effects but after a week or two I start having vivid dreams and nightmares. One night I had 4 nightmares in a row! 1: someone breaking into my home. 2. Evil dr.'s and needles. 3. Being mauled to death by dinosaurs. and 4. a personal friend dying in a car accident. I feel like pot helps in a big part to relieve my anxiety and at tops I only would smoke a few js a day, nothing extreme like dabbing or that, but once I stop my body begins to manifest withdrawals psychologically. The only reason I stop smoking is because despite being legal state and federally now, jobs require you not to smoke which to me is utter B.S.!

  8. It’s crazy how so many people smoke weed yet nobody really knows about it from above. I think the government need to realise how many people smoke it and how much of a problem it can be.
    They we can educate everyone more from a young age so that it prevents people from getting addicted / depressed etc.
    It can be ok in moderation, similar to alcohol but I honestly didn’t think it was a really ‘bad thing’ growing up. I think that’s caused me to smoke a lot more. I often used to think a joint is better for me than cigarette.
    There was nobody in school telling you to not smoke weed, yet there was for cigarettes..
    Stay strong guys.

  9. I'm on day 3 sober after 16years smoking £200 of bud every week and and im taking 2.5 valium at night for sleeping hopefully I'll stop the valium on day 7 and it going god for the 1st time ever ? im done forever

  10. This is my first day clean and I’m already feeling very uneasy. It feels like an actual escape when I’m high, like a happy layer over my reality. And it’s not like I can distract myself with video games or tv. My appetite is completely gone. And I’m gonna be going to Mexico in April. I look at all the comments for “support” and it just seems like weak compliments. Idk, I might not quit but maybe I just need to use it. My friends quit and now they want me to. I said I would thinking it would be easy. I’m 16 and honestly am scared of getting clean. Life seems so horrible now. I just want to sit at home and curl up in my bed. We also want to do YouTube and have a schedule but I honestly don’t know if I really want to do it, which I honestly have always wanted to do. But I don’t even know if I have the strength to do it. I just want to get in to real estate and drop everyone. Just do my thing. But I’ve made so many promises to quit weed and go to mexico with my friends. My future is a blur, and I don’t like it. And as weird as it sounds, when I was on my own smoking I started working out. Then I whenever I go and hang out with my friends I lose all motivation to do it, so when I come home I just want to chill. And I’ve been so distant with my family because I hang out with my friends SO much. Not that I dislike my friends because they are really close but I just feel like I would like to just be on my own.

  11. He helps a lot of people but iv been on drugs 30 street fentynal basically heroin and you stop when your ready yeah there is withdraw but you can push threw it my withdraw was completely terrible worst side effects my feet even swelled up 4 time the size but if your ready you will stop I hope everyone that’s having trouble with any drug get better and I wish you the best

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