1. @gobiginternational Justise genetics a I made a vid for you to help answer a few questions for me! I'm trying to learn still . Wanna go no till like Brown guy 420 that that real organics huh. U gotta be a master because I'm scared of getting the wrong bugs but he seems to know how to have that perfect balance

  2. been lurking a little while, so many ways lol.. she's are turning out some truly masterful lollypoping's! you have there sir respect!. how often would you water such a big pot ? id be worried of bud rot, with such big king colas… on a massively smaller scale i like to scrog tight weave style. on a hard trellis every bud is sacred xD not a fan of locking much of em buds up, or pulling much growth off, pull leaves under screen she will suck the goodies out you payed to fill her up with, an drop em with a lil tuging. id love to know grams per wat's and/or meter squareage xD. that ya get. but under no way or reason do you have to tell me any thing .now way i could compare much, all the difference ther can be ..always love the motivation šŸ™‚ good chit man, nice one xD

  3. you have good chiii to keep up these ass knocking down your hard work, for me id put them all to hell and anyway it looks fucken great from here keep up the good work and keep that chiii in control your doing great.

  4. Yo ass got me singing " THAT WEEDDATHOR THAT WEEDDATHOR THAT WEEDDATHOR " till now! It's 2 pm and I watched this vid at the early am . Lol.A but on the one I thought the leaves are like solar panels and transfer the light energy to the part closest to it or part its closest attached to? That's wrong? I still lollypop in bud but u saying I can take more off the top near the buds? Shit I'm still student in this mmj . I gotta show you my organics game but I'm not all the way no till. Still using bottle nutes . Some shit called mission organic ! Ima do a vid Ina min but yea lace me .can u help by answering that fa ya ov Patna ?

  5. Bro, for the amount of time that spend educating us and showing us your success, I'm surprised you don't have millions of subscribers. Kept it pumpkin and beware of them heads

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