1. conclusion is- the only issue with the cannabis and your heart is if you are on medications already and the plant messes with how the medication performs for you … this is th eonly reason the research was made … so people who are not on heart medications already that need to be monitored ETC are safe to ingest cannabis and this research does not have anything to do with them

  2. what do you think about this study dr. https://www.aan.com/pressroom/home/pressrelease/250 it stated that marijuana users had higher PI values of blood flow than high blood pressure and diabetes patients. Their is this one too https://nyaspubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/j.1749-6632.2001.tb03652.x states that 30 year old abusers had the same blood flow as normal 60 year olds. Both studies said they smoked I belived not vaporized or ate.

  3. Uhm I literally had a stroke while in the middle of smoking weed in April 2020. I was a VERY HEAVY pot smoker. This is a TRUE STORY. I was a patient at UCH in Colorado Springs. My name is Hope Lord. I am 46 years old. I smoked for over 20 years.

  4. You are an IDIOT and NOT a doctor.You want people to be sick,die…suffer…etc……etc.Your life is looking peachy so who gives a damn for millions and millions of people as long as you have all you need for your fat arss. God help anyone who comes to you for help!

  5. I LOVE the critical thinking on this channel! The part that's really very sad is how awful mainstream "news" media is. You're pretty misinformed by watching the news too much of the time.

  6. Ignoring the propaganda for a moment, you realize you're never, ever gonna be able to release a story about whether something causes someone to have a stroke without me making a masturbation joke, right?

  7. maybe the endless side effects of legal drugs…warnings right out of the box no less…don't really stop them from handing out their stuff like candy…(SURE it will cure your headache but we'll have to amputate your feet)…even if there was some slight truth in the lies….do non smokers live forever?…if i never smoke a joint does that mean i will live forever…or will it just feel like forever… thank the deity dude that lies do not last very long in the information age…i have anecdotally concluded this myself…i shall just tell EVERYONE….another tool for my vampire kit…

  8. Also, even if there was a significant association with tobacco and alcohol controlled for, it could still be a correlation thing. Cuz ya know, people with hi stress are probably more likely to consume marijuana, and we know stress CAN cause shit like that

  9. What difference does it make? Even if it were confirmed that it would guarantee a stroke, that wouldn't stop people from doing what they want anyway. It's a known, indisuptable fact that Heroin and crack are exceedingly bad for you but people still do them. It's a known fact that laundry detergent is bad for you, but that doesn't stop people from eating pods. ¬_¬

  10. I gave up on Web MD being adequate medical information years ago after about the 100th talk to your doctor for more information that would help you decide yu do not need any doctors. They do have the over the counter propaganda.

  11. I'm not disagreeing with the results but it needs to be more controlled. Too many variables. Was the pot smoked pure, or mixed with tobacco ? If so how much tobacco ? Pot smokers who smoke in non legal areas are going to be more risk taking, thus more likely to do other more risky things (drink more, eat crap, do dumb stuff bad for their health)
    Where these variables all considered and eliminated? Doubt it.

  12. Thank you for this. I find the world a very interesting place coming from the perspective as a 27 year old female who's been struggling with mental disorders and with those around her (surrounded actually) since I was born. I was able to escape. What I remember is my grandfather, a farmer, whom I thought could desperately use marijuana. He was brilliant and managed land that gave to many people who never thanked him. Before he had several strokes and heart attacks (and still lived by the way to talk, walk, and entertain various light and deep mindful subjects — again, a brilliant truly brilliant man — I wish he could have marijuana. I really wish all my families that are no longer here with me could just have some marijuana, let things go, take a deep breath and discuss achievements, risks and rewards to be gained in being mindful with what we put into our bodies. Opiates, cigarettes and alcohol have killed countless people in my life. I have never seen a life threatening reaction to weed that couldn't be mindfully controlled with one's own brain (your own supercomputer remember that, it is valued and cherished – excuse the waxing of words; I used to study neuroscience) unless someone was allergic or misused it improperly. To me, it isn't harmful. It opens doors. That and another medication I take prescribed by my doctor. The doors it opens clear out the harmful, suffocating, isolating energy and surround my brain with a warm security blanket to where I can operate at a seemingly normal level and not be overstimulated by lights, sounds, people, touch, etc. I have other methods as well. Without a shadow of a doubt, marijuana has helped save my life. No one can really take that away from me.

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