1. I nominate EXTRACT CRAFT step up and donate one of there pieces of equipment to you. Great job, please keep putting out this great info for the community. Thanks

  2. ? I’ve never tried this method. I regularly make canna-butter w/ coconut oil, avocado oil and sunflower lecithin powder; which makes for a very rich creamy nutty flavor with a satisfying Nutella consistency. Cheers!

  3. cannabinoid deficiencys are gauranteed 100% with everyone, havin that endo cannabinoid system means the levels must fluctuate. There must be cannabinoids in many other foods, unless or body produces them which makes sense too

  4. Get a French coffee press (amazon has them for like 15$) to separate the flower from the alcohol then use coffee filters to extract any left over particles, works a lot faster through the coffee filters once the bulk of the flower has been removed by the coffee press and a lot less mess/waste. If you have the cash you could also get a 50$ hot plate with a built in magnetic spinner to burn off the alcohol a lot faster at more controlled temps(10$ laser temp gun comes in handy as well). Could also get you a silicone pad lining a tray to boil off the alcohol on, so the final product doesn't get stuck to your pan/tray you are burning off the alcohol in.

  5. Keep doing what your doing, No Editing makes you For Real. What's we like, an we definitely need more of …
    love the cotton balls .. That will go in my notes for the next run I do !! .

  6. I would also try one of those metal coffee filters for straining because the paper coffee filters and cotton can absorb and restrict cannabinoids from going through

  7. Hey Brother, I probably wouldn't use that metal master in a metal pot because that can create a spark that will cause an explosion in your face

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