Lowering Electric Bill Tips – Cannabis Growers

Let’s talk saving electricity, with a focus on Cannabis Growers, today on Lex’s World…what CAN you do to reduce energy consumption? My Grow Gear and Head …


  1. Unfortunately I have the opposite I live in Queensland Australia very hot and humid at this time of the year. We haven't even got to the hottest month yet and we are getting 36°C. I currently have a tent set up in my bedroom with the air-conditioning on and I can tell you sleeping with all them lights on every night ??????

  2. Hi Lex, I've been growing for slightly over thirty years and have always used MH and Sodium HID lights so I may be just a little set in my thinking but I've watched a lot of LED reviews and by my math it would be no real benefit for me to switch. when I do the math I grow in a 6×8 grow space, using a 1000W HPS and a parabolic reflector I get right around 800 ppfd in the corners and the low 1200's in the middle of my room with the light 24" above the canopy. From what i've seen on the video reviews I would need close to 1500 watts of LED lights so where is the benefit my power bill would go up and I would have to spend a couple thousand dollars on lights to replace a light that costs three hundred dollars eighteen hundred dollars buys a lit of bulbs.
    Also CO2 is plant food. this is my sixty first spin around the sun and remember our summers being just as hot when I was a child Global warming is just a narrative to get money from the people and to scare the Karens and Grettas that think the world is going to end.
    I would appreciate your thoughts on this , what i've written above are only my thoughts and might be a little bias.
    I have watched quite a few of your videos, very well done and you give excellent advice.
    I would give you two thumbs up if you tube would let me.

  3. I know its a bit niche but if you use a dehumidifier and an electric oil radiator or heater at the same time put the electrioc radiator close to the air intake of the dehumidifier to get maximum efficeny as long as its not too hot (which it shouldnt be)

  4. Bro, i gotta ask. Can Power stations like Goal Zero Yeti 3000 last for growing? Is it worth investing in it? Because I want to grow using LED but I don’t want it to show on my electric bill, I have ways of charging it outside my home and I want to use a power station. What is your take on this?

  5. At 2:56………….why worry if a smart electric meter is detected as showing more use in the daytime?? Is law enforcement in non-legal states using this as probable cause for a warrant to bust a major indoor grow? In California permits are available for commercial grows and people can grow as many s 10 plants indoors for personal "medical" use.

  6. Buy a fully dimmable grow light and a cheap luxmeter.
    You can then always put the light down to 4 inches or so over the canopy and adjust output according to the meter.
    Also, just use some cheap 5W LED bulbs with a reflector on it while your plants are still small, huge quantum boards just waste too much energy on lighting unused real estate in the first weeks.

  7. I'm in UK useing a mars TS 1000 in a 120,120,200 tent the mars is great low cost use got a 4inch carbon filter extractor , useing 5 gallon pots get 5 pots in comfortable found that auto prefer coco than soil I'm still new to this on second grow recommend fast white widow off seedsman bud on a stick next grow be useing coco and perlite mix 3 fast white widow auto and 2 northern lights auto keep safe peaple

  8. Hello lex hope your well hey was wondering if we could exchange emails maybe we can help eachother grow!! Ar-jay_11@hotmail .com minus the space lol have some questions for you

  9. With larger water pumps every other use we would run veg oil through to extend its use, with the small pumps that can pump water and air is this something we can do to keep a diaphragm from getting that dried rubberband effect.

  10. Exif data that you can't see unless you use photo editing software. You have to turn it off if you use your cell phone for pics. If you don't turn it off cops will know the location of picture. Have a good night.

  11. using an air compressor that is set up to turn on at the min. pressure…and is set to refill an air holding tank that's been dialed back to feed air to your roots through your stones in hydro….is a better usage of electric
    instead of running a smaller air pump 24/7…to feed air through the stones.

  12. Dear Lex, If you think that you can heat your house with the exhaust air of your grow room, you are just another one that makes tutorial videos for things that YOU have no idea!This air is hot and most of all HUMID!After some days you will end up cultivating mushrooms and mold all over your house.You need a heat exchanger to do it right.

  13. I live in north east England and if you get caught growing say 10 plants and you aren’t stealing the electricity you will probably just get your plants and equipment took off you and a police caution (basically a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again) but I know a lad who got caught with 20 plants and was stealing the electricity and he got 6 and a half years in prison.

  14. I found in winter I offset lights between veg and flower to use lights at night to heat space and then blow heat into room with lights off. To save on heating in winter. I like the full spectrum plasma bulbs with the rf ballast use both chlorophyll a and b to grow. Why only use one spectrum and only get half the growth. 3 parts blue to 2 red for veg. Like the sun and sky. And 3 parts red and 2 blur for flower like the sun and sky in fall. Use solar or earth/ground batteries. Make electrify from dirt. Yeah no shit. Super capacitor banks over batteries or hybrid system. Plants need carbon to grow. Must over look carbons in the soil. Found two weeks veg on clones then to flower. I take many small plants and put into 3d bed to make big plant. X5 the space over 2 dimensional bed. Found it don't pay to grow stems. Use 360° of light. Why only use 160° of direct light and try to reflect over half of it. Hoods hold the temperatures too acting as heat dams. Hope this helps on cost and increases someone's production. I stopped indoor growing and moved to greenhouse as I can grow cheaper and better organic. Under .25¢ a gram. I make my own soil and electricity. Hugelkultur bed under greenhouse provides nutrients water and helps with heat.

  15. If they know you're growing cannabis they'll hit you with major bills to put you out of operation I know cuz I was growing outside in the sunlight well people were snitching on me when it was legal and lawful Sheriff helicopters flying over above I was walking them the land in smoke one they refuse they just moved on but DTE tried to kill me in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere in the northern climates known to kill people genocide buy DTE Detroit Thomas Edison checking my rates within 2 months to $9,000 I told him to go get fucked I also told them I was hooking up my own line to the grid and I'd be glad to go to court in a competent Court of jurisdiction for genocide attempting to kill me over a fraudulent statement boxed not with the dollar sign but with one line going through the dollar sign which mean can mean negotiable instruments pesos whatever they're doing it to all of us you're just too ignorant to know about it research it they are masquerading as public utilities regulated but they're not as corporations in all caps get a life people learn I cornered the shit out of them they won't even take me to court haha keep paying those bills and getting double-dipped out of your estate value under the northern Holdings Trust Company what fools we've all been to allow what we paid for in our ancestors paid for that grid to be overtaken by foreigners corporations dead speak corpse
    or ation just look at your driver's license and everything that the government has issued you social security cards fishing license anyting it's all in all caps that's not you that's a legal fiction research it quit being dumb down it's time to wake up

  16. Not trying to get off subject but I have two hydro beds out in my greenhouse that I use to grow vegetables. At the back of the greenhouse is a six hundred gallon tilapia tank. I have two pumps in it that run thirty minutes twice a day to supply water to each bed and that seems to be enough to keep the plants from wilting even during the hot months. If you're running any type of hydro system you seldom need to have pumps running 24 hrs a day as some of fill and drain systems are. Start off slow and increase watering periods as needed but generally two or three fillings per day are plenty.

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