Love Like You Mean It – Part 1 with Guest Bob Lepine | Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk

Contrary to the pop culture claims of the Hallmark Channel or ABC’s The Bachelor, love is not singularly emotional, or even necessarily romantic. Biblically …


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  2. This is great marital information…but as a christian whose studies the word “mark” and “sorcery in relation to Revelations 18:23 and other verses I heard you all are supporting this mark being worldwide offered that is a DNA altering palisade injecting the abomination into the HOLY Temple that is the body Christ made for Himself only. So while I appreciate your marriage advise am saddened to hear the organization is selling believers out without telling them the truth about what matters most. What good is it to have a great marriage on this short stint here on earth only to take your entire family to hell with the mark of the beast? 🤯 These are the days when TRUE Christian ministries should be sounding a horn like Elijah and like John the Baptist preparing the way of t he LORD and warning of the deception that is here! Three times in Bible it says they will be deceived, they were deceived, who deceived those who took the mark. It won’t be advertised as such and believers with discernment and study of these words in Greek should be explaining what it all means not heralding the jab of the enemy ad the cure for the planned demic. FEAR The LORD and HIM only serve! Not the LIErus. Tell the TRUTH now do not go the way of the masses and take this 060606 patented palisade/charasso sent by satan himself to destroy the masses. Wake up from that 501c3 status and sound the alarm for the true Kingdom and Government you should bow down to is at hand and you don’t want to be found withholding the truth as masses are removed from their solely Humankind status, becoming GMO humans not Gods own, and taking into themselves the abomination of aborted innocent blood, swine and the mouse! Simply to save their way of life! DEPART from babylons ways folks, come out from her, love the Truth and seek it before you be given over the lie. 😭😭😭please don’t sell out in the last hour Dobson. Keep the family and the faith strong and mark-free even if it costs you.

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