Lost in the Weed | Sosnoff & Ratigan Podcast

GameStop, Tilray, Tesla, Dogecoin. There’s a ton of noise in the marketplace. Lost in the weeds though is the engagement of a new audience. The speculative …


  1. These talks are so good, this is the best yet, to understand current events, and for my current strategy. And then there are the Tasty instructional videos for trading tactics. Huh I used to watch Jim Cramer.

  2. Politics have become irrelevant for Tom because Neo-liberals like him can go back to sleep, just like they did under Obama. But will wake up in 2024 when a worse but much smarter version of Trump will rise from the ashes…..

  3. Tom right on about the pump and dump. But the slosh of easy money chasing hype and fomo has been distorting things for years, long before wankers with stimmy checks entered the markets. Hello.
    Although it will certainly be a memorable event for 2021 and probably have some kind of observable long-term effect, I doubt a 'new era in finance' is arriving post-GME. Most likely it will be similar to post-tech bubble of late 90s. The difference now though is the Fed's fingers in the pot, so don't hold your breath waiting for 'gravity' to win.

    Watch BTC against the dollar, just like gold. Can't wait for next week's podcast!

  4. I hope next week you do talk about bitcoin. Although I do have positions in some blockchain stocks likes RIOT it's still is a bit confusing. I have positions in gold and they took a hit when bitcoin started to jump, is that just a coincidence?

  5. I like the idea of keeping an eye on the pump & dumps, and playing small when it looks good, whatever good might be today. Why trade stocks that no one is watching? Also, I like the silence that is the Biden Administration. I don’t think he can go too far in regulations, he needs a good economy.

  6. Sosnoff's weed shorts getting S.M.O.K.E.D.! Hate to tell ya, but Canopy, Aurora, Aphria et al ain't no GameStop. This isn't a dying business model, this is THE TIME in the history of humanity where weed is going to have its come-uppance. And you and your marines and the government or anybody else isn't going to stop it. It's out of the bottle. And it will wreck your life if you don't get out of its way. Sure there will be pullbacks but in ten years from now these share prices won't even be a distant memory.

  7. The smart amongst the WSB crowd will take their tendies and join Theta gang. The subreddit is quite nihilistic though and that manifests itself in the posting and celebration of "loss porn".

  8. 41:55 if u r long for those reasons u have to b short FIAT, Mr Ratigan…
    at least from my point of view
    Looking @ UUP 4 example there is not much space left to short and in case the (real) CPI is kickin in ( which will take place if the american consumer will consume again), beeing short in FIAT is not the worst idea imho.

    TBH: Having studied economics/political economy i deeply regret beeing so blind an not having invested in btc b4 DEC 20, when BTC hit 20k…
    in retrospect, putting 10% in BTC/ETH was one of the smartest decisions i ever made in my investing career (beside allocatin 20% of my portfolio in MSFT in 2015)

    just my 2 cents

    PS: Without any exaggeration… this probably the most valuable content with regard to "practical economics" imho

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