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  1. Lyrics – Marijuana in Your Brain – Lords of Acid – – – – – Marihuana inna your brain – Takes more time to ejaculate – Roll up a spliff and drowse away the day – With marihuana inna your brain – I'm knocking on your door – But you can't move no more – You're stoned (so stoned) – You old hippie in the final sky – Fluffy clouds are passing by – So stoned (so stoned) – Strange weeds a flutter in your mind – Worn out jeans are showing your behind – Spake cake with a bit of whipped cream – Herbal tea and patchouli – Marihuana inna your brain… – Franky boy lie in the grass with me – Moon over Woodstock underneath the tree – Just blow (just blow) – Shockheaded yogi meditate all day – Flowerchild chase the war away – Just blow (just blow) – Revolution make your mind flow free – Peace and freedom and a love community – Psychadelic posters on your wall – Jimmy, Janice, yes you knew them all – Marijuana inna your brain… – One lazy summer at a festival – In open air, not in a concerthall – No way (no way) – A spacy mushroom landed in your mouth – You couldn't tell the north from the south – No way (no way) – A Hare Krishna member stole your car – Right after you made love under a star – A junkie robbed you with a silver spoon – The golden sixties was a time of doom – Marijuana inna your brain… – – – – – Songwriters: Oliver Adams / Praga Khan / Jade 4 U / Magick

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