1. Saludos desde Canarias. Si te interesa contenido relacionado con el mundillo de la marihuana, ganja, hierba , seguimiento de cultivo interior hidroponico, subo videos diarios, pasate por el canal, se agradece el apoyo. Buenos humos y bienvenido a la family weed

  2. "Get the Stoner Brain, Runnen Then Boom!! "
    I'm looking for a Temp n Humid. gauge. I saw one at the 2nd hand. But it ran on batt. Thats a no no. I love your vids bro. Your not afraid of using what you might have at your house. The tip wit the lighter was fire ! I didn't use a dome for my seedlings. That tap root was a monster ! I remember you measured (The Giant) wit a ladder n tape. Peace Bro.

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