1. Clean Green is NOT a respected or comprehensive certification, it's more of a marketing group. From that perspective it's sensible. But just last week someone describe one of their 'certifications' on this podcast. I see how someone with a hospitality background would be duped (after all that's their business model IMO) but USDA certifications cost $50,000 for a reason. And that's considered bare bones certification. Look up Andrew Black and KIND Certification, although I'm not sure if he has indoor certifications.

  2. Fleur is a bullshit company. This is my 2nd time posting this. They are thieves and snakes and their head grower “Sven” Steven Blum beat a woman into the ICU. Nobody in Nevada supports these fucking clowns

  3. Tour of the ffaces. maybe listen and dont watch, you will get dizzy and light headed…. its '21 isnt it? the potato and 420p comments arent relevant, but should "professionals" still do some homework in terms of technology? i mean c word is already been around for a year and half almost… i do of course appreciate the content, and i see peter is trying!! keep telling the selfies to focus on the planties!!!

  4. How about getting that mold rate down to zero… Start with peeling those wet, circumsized clone leaves off the walls of the humi domes. Also, antitranspirant wax isn't that expensive, has anyone done a side by side between nipped and uncut clones?

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