Live: Answering Your Questions about Florida Concealed Carry

We have Ryan and Tiffany back with another live stream answering all your questions with reference to different gun laws like Federal Code 18 U.S.C. 922(g) …


  1. Love your videos watch them all… I do have a question. I live in North Florida Okaloosa county, A co-worker of mine from Alabama told me you weren't allowed to carry around in the chamber if you did not have a concealed carry permit I know laws very state to state actively working on getting my permit but until then can carry a pistol with a round in the chamber as long as it is securely encased

  2. @Tiffany
    It's not just Ryan all men do this crap when it comes to spending big money and trust me it upsets us all! Mine does it with cars…yes cars plural. You are actually taking it way better than I ever would if it were me the livestream would be over and I would be throwing and breaking crap! So @Ryan stop taking your girl for granted from what I can tell she is very cool ? Dont be buying expensive crap without truly talking about it first bc um duh you share a bank and well debt!!

  3. Get off your high horse about being a team. Neither of you should have to ask permission from the other about any trivial purchase. Major purchases are a team decision but if a purchase under a grand is going to upset you or change your financial security, you have problems.

  4. I have a question for you Ryan. I lived in NJ and submitted an application for a carry permit in June of 1986, I’m told it can take up to 25 to 30 years for a reply. It’s now over that time limit what should I do? ? Answer? I retired and moved to a more friendly non communist state.

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