Lemon Hoko & Pacific Northwest Roots

Lemon Hoko instagram.com/lemonhoko.genetix/ Pacific Northwest Roots instagram.com/pacificnwroots/ FCP Channel 2 youtube.com/FCP02 FCP Instagram …


  1. OMG @future cannabis project Peter check your mic volume, last few days have been painful, your mic is like twice as loud. Gotta keep jacking volume up and down. Your scaring the kids. Much love from VT

  2. Had an equatorial sativa "male" that was extremely male the first 16 days of flower, dropping pollen, then suddenly all new growth started being 100% female. I was so thrown off

  3. I mash a heap of magic mushrooms up then soak in bucket of water for couple days then feed it to your plant's 1 week b4 harvest it will send you on a trip to another dimension and Universe

  4. when the avocado skin is very smooth and shiny it's not ready when it is rough and loses its shine it is ready. On certain types if you shake the fruit and the seeds shakes inside it's ready also when you pick the fruit and the stem comes off the socket and does not break off the stems that's also a sign of maturity .

  5. this wheres my bike amnesia x biker kush,has prob most resin ive seen loaded on a flower,hope i dont fuck up last 3 weeks and lose it,almost went potassium deficent,burnt tips usually indicate overfeed,but im organic,so found out was potassium lost bit weight time but still fastest buds ive grown,have 20 in clone ready for full run

  6. we are losing those crip long grow strains like a year to grow or like 18weeks flower n more and no one is really fucking with them and countries around the world is eradicating.

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