Legal Weed STRUCK DOWN By South Dakota Judge

A South Dakota judge overturned a voter-approved constitutional amendment to legalize marijuana on Monday. Amendment A would have legalized marijuana …


  1. They don't give a fuck about the people, they just don't want competition against pill mills. South Dakota was hit hard by the opioid crisis, and I bet you big pharma donated (read: Bribed) republicans in that state.

  2. If you get caught smoking weed in South Dakota, you need to go to jail for stupidity. Iv'e been smoking weed for 45 years and it has never been legal, and I have never been in trouble with the law.

  3. It just goes to show you that politicians dont give a damn about how you vote, especially if its against their interests. Republicans did the same thing in FL when the majority said that former felons should get their voting rights back.

  4. The issue would be, Kyle, with that supremacy clause, there does have to actually be a conflict. There is no federal law prohibiting the legalisation of drugs. There is a federal prohibition of drugs, though. There might be a reason though why it IS isnt constitutional under that state constitution. Constitutional amendments usually need a two thirds majority. The majority was 54% here, so that would explain it.

  5. Federal law doesn't override state law. Where state law is unconstitutional federal law must override it. Otherwise state law always wins. That's state sovereignty. I believe your argument that schedule I being federal overrides states rights on this issue is incorrect as this isn't an issue of constitutionality.

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