Latest Advancements for Treating Hip Pain & Arthritis

Is hip pain slowing you down or preventing you from doing what you love? If you’re experiencing pain or arthritis in your hips, learn about the latest …


  1. as usual , drs. claim "nothing PROVEN" , re: condroitin = placebo ; in spite of NUMEROUS people who get relief……give us DRUGS or surgery …….B.S.
    there are alternatives to explore….i was in despair , but through "natural" (mostly mineral..) supplements , achieved a 90% improvement in pain/flexibility….i find it hard to believe the "placebo effect" is responsible
    i'm 75 , and while it takes time , it's well worth exploring…..i was maxxed out on pain pills 3 yrs. ago , this past yr. i went without ANY pills til recently , when i overexerted and had to take 3 to 4 a day maximum for a week……

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