Last-ditch effort to legalize weed, if it passes a full vote

If the last-ditch effort passes, a full vote could be held in both houses on Monday and avoid a deadline that would have forced a bill few seemed happy with.


  1. People who smoke weed are dirt bags dirty people. They don’t care for their kids and neglect kids. These people shouldn’t be parents at all. No peace and love in this crap just all fake and disgusting. They look homeless and full of hate. Disgusting people. Most of them are criminals who smoke weed and meth and drink alcohol oh also smoke cigarettes are losers also. Piece of crap people. Keep killing yourselves morons.

  2. Don’t do it!! You will have more killings and more criminals and more hate. You will have less peace and love with evil weed around. Addiction is disgusting. Weed, heroin, alcohol, meth, crack and all drugs are for losers who don’t have a life so they have to do drugs to make anything interesting. Disgusting criminal evil people.

  3. People of New Jersey don’t need to be drugged up. Dems are in control of this state. It’s corrupt it’s taxes go to political pockets and never to where it belongs. It’s going nowhere because dems are running the show. LOL. Give up Murphy. Put Christie back in.

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