Kratky Autoflower Grow from Seed to Harvest

A timelapse grow with an autoflowering seed grown in a Kratky passive hydroponic setup from seed to harvest. The tools I used for this grow include: Rockwool …


  1. Wonder how long you could vege in 5 gallon bucket then switch to 8 week flower before roots would hit bottom of the bucket? Anyone know.. was hoping a 6 week vege in vege nutes. Then dump excess nute water. Clean swap out to bloom nutes and hopefully get it to last 8 weeks before roots hit bottom of bucket..

  2. Thanks for making this understandable, I have been growing for 30yrs and have always wanted to grow some hydroponics.. An now I have 4 plants . If I knew it was this easy I would done this yrs ago..
    Thank you .. Keep up the great videos!!

  3. An experiment I'd love to see you do is to run the Kratky method side-by-side using different refill strategies. Have one where you fill it all the way each time it's empty, one where you fill it half, one where you switch it to an air stone to see just how big of an impact it has.

  4. very informative. basically Kratky sucks, but similar to DWC or aeroponics, you still need to "wash out" and change the reservoir water. if not theres always going to be a build up of random nutrients, that if not "cleaned" will nute burn your plants until harvest. Im impressed it appears you got some smoke-able flower.

  5. My fears finially came. Just got through a 3 days black out. My young girls look fine are ready for intense light.

    However my 9 weeks in flower girl is popping out those yellow hermmy leaves… or what ever they are called.

    I was able to keep temp no lower that 62 degrees but didnt help. For light I kept the same light schedule by putting the plants by the window and using a lamp for the night time.

    So I should just harvest now and cut my loses?

  6. hey i love your videos man ive never grown before. ive been looking up the soil method and theres so much too it but the Deep water culture looks so easy and low maintenance. im going to try it out in my closet. fans are a must right?

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