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migraines #ketolife #ketodiet Another Keto Vlog talking about MIGRAINES. I get terrible hormonal migraines every month. I’ts sooo awful. Also what I eat for Keto …


  1. #migraines #ketolife #ketodiet

    Another Keto Vlog talking about MIGRAINES. I get terrible hormonal migraines every month. I'ts sooo awful. Also what I eat for Keto at Taco Bell. Also, does CBD oil work for migraines and pain? What do you do for migraines if you suffer from them? I've tried the migraine meds like immitrex and topomax and they helped at first but then stopped working plus they were so toxic!

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  2. Stress causes my migraines, I don’t get them as frequent as I used to I think because I learned not to care about everything else as much.

    I have found nothing helps except sleep. However, I do believe the foods we eat can promote or deter migraine headaches.

  3. Hello Aimee, I must admit that I watched only part of the Disney videos. I did enjoy seeing it through your eyes. One of the girls I worked with also uses the CBD oil for her migraines too. She also uses other essential oils. that she puts it on at work. This helps. her a lot. She was off of work more than she was there before the essential oils. ? NonnaGrace

  4. Hi Amiee sry about your migraines. Hope you get to feeling better. I used to suffer with migraines since like 17 yrs old. Mine would last 1wk to 3wks. I know exactly what you're going through. Now I'm 65 and they seemed to have disappeared within the year. I say keto helped with that. Every once in a blue moon I'll get one but their stress related. Take care . Hugs! 🙂

  5. I take bio identical hormones. The progesterone helps with sleep, relaxation, and even tempers. Also take bi est. And testosterone which helps bones and muscles stay strong. I only wish I had known about them earlier but they probably didn't exist back then. I totally do not recommend pharmaceutical hormones in any way. I'm a different person now. Once a year get migraine headache so I am now using magnesium gel which is supposed to keep migraines at bay. Once I get the lights, I take 2 Advils which I hate but once a year isn't bad I hope. Now I have no pain at all. None. I never take pain meds if I can help it. Magnesium is great if you can swallow it without diarrhea. The gel is without side effects. I have never felt better now with the 3 bio identicals. A naturopath could help you. Doctors will probably not prescribe them. Blessings.❤

  6. I suffered Major hormonal migrains in my 30's. My Dr. started me on simple very inexpensive prescription water pill called Hydricloridzine
    (I probably misspelled it lol)
    At the FIRST SIGN of a migraine which always begain in the back of my neck I begain taking them, and I would take aspirin every 4 hrs. With it as needed. Maybe it thinned my blood, I am NOT SURE, BUT, My migrains stopped COMPLETLY after about a year or two of that. The key was to stop it BEFORE the migraine took over.
    Sometimes I would begin them a few days BEFORE my period, if I could catch it in time.

    This literally saved my life, I had many suicidal thoughts over those miserable migrains!

    Please talk to your doctor, it was a cheap, easy fix that helped me tremendously. I dont know the WHY, and really dont care because it helped me FINALLY lead a NORMAL life! I hope you find what works for you! God Bless You! ⚘?

  7. Crazy as it sounds… Migraine Excedrin and Young Living Deep Relief Roller Oil work well for non subscription relief
    I suffer from migraines and used to use the imatrex shots

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