1. I enjoyed the work. I have been trying to search for an educational video that really breaks down the topics in this YouTube vid! 🙌 The tip at 1:17 is really knowledgable. Your vid actually is similar to the content from Doctor Ethan. Doctor Ethan's videos are educational and he actually helped me on diet! He is the most knowledgable Dr on YouTube and he teaches conditions and vaccines.

    Go check out his YouTube out and give Dr Ethan a like! ➡️ #DoctorEthanQandA

  2. I use cardarine a lot. I can't say that it drastically increases my endurance but it does provide some improvement. I'm about to start a test 400mg a week, primo 800mg a week, and Tbol 60mg a day. I wonder if dropping Tbol and switching to superdrol at the end of the cycld might be beneficial?

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