Joe Biden's AG will PROTECT Weed Legalization?

Joe Biden’s AG will PROTECT Weed Legalization? *FULL EPISODE* Subscribe to my Other YouTube Channels: LMC CLIPS of this Full Episode: …


  1. This ban on cannabis by Nixon and Reagan they thought it would only affect all black yet it backfired and because other race not just black want cannabis legal. Legalization is not to make black people happy but make non black with private property happy eviction will still happen to blacks for smoking in appartment. There should be a patio updated rule for each complex to alow smoking any taboo like product on pation and not inside.

  2. Also make it legal to atleast smoke on your pation in not in the properties… because blacks who smoke medical marijuana most don't have private place to smoke give the state a pass for eviction directed to black only because black men smoke marijuana the most I maryland and not for vicefull reason. They rather keep unhealthy thing legal for depopulation. Notice rain water distilled water is illegal to collect from nature… this is you state and US government doing this to the people… US government also teaches white how to hate blacks since slavery ended more laws came in play for people of color to make it harder to advance in anything and.

  3. I would have to move out of maryland for 2 year and go to a legal state until (R) Gov Larry Hogan. Is out of office because he still wants black marijuana smoke convictions just like Nixon and Reagan

  4. I love what you stand for but I’m about half scared to listen to your channel because of the government I have glaucoma and I used to have a medical card but I don’t trust the government anymore so I don’t have it I don’t trust it I support the home grow if they don’t support that then I don’t support any of it I’m not about to put my money into these peoples pocket plain and simple I’m gonna do what I do regardless

  5. Its crazy, what they are doing is making it so one must have a license. i.e. medical marijuana card
    The fear over this plant, it feels like an obsession, is just mind boggling.
    That propaganda, the t.v. "evil weed" "reefer madness" worked! Grew roots that will/has taken us generations to overcome.
    Slow moving ?, but at least its moving.
    thank you very much keeping us intouch with whats going on, great work.

  6. Wearing a hat. Looks good man. Also, YouTube has you unable to say cannabis?! Some more bs posturing by another company that doesn't have to assume any liability for its users? Like fb and insta? You know you can smoke weed naked on twitter and reddit. Just saying. Damn YouTube! Cannabis is a scientifically correct word that shouldn't be disallowed. What censorship is next?! We will do away with you, YouTube. Just like all the predecessors. Haven't had cable in 12 years. YouTube maybe next.

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