It's Been Awhile! Check Out The Harvest Pics!

We got a video under 10 minutes! WOOHOO! 🙂 Check out Room 2 it is day 41 and we have 20 days to go…The room has bounced back well after almost killing a …


  1. Yeah it happens . I've learned to veg my girls just a week longer and train and lollipop just a little harder and a little higher. Growing em full cycle never was the issue it was growing the plant to 100%capacity

  2. Ph should be between 6.4-6.8 in your waterings also. Even 6.3 starts to limit calcium potential. What also sucks about calcium deficiencies is once it happens, those stems never recover..

  3. Your plants are really struggling to move water and calcium..hence the hard, purple stems. What sucks is there is multiple reasons why. Ph, low calcium in soil mix, overwatering, LOW HUMIDITY, low temperatures, and rootbound issues ALL cause it. I would easily start getting humidity up to at least 45-50% second half of flower. First half you need 60%. Second I would add more rock dust and dol lime in mix, and make sure you give plenty of aact's to help break it down. You might be a little short on phosphorus also. Otherwise dank nugs dude!!

  4. Lotta folks just use 1 or 2 hps lights along with led for a more diversified spectrum. Maybe send a soil sample to dr. Elaine inghams company for analysis. Not for npk analysis but to see if anything is attacking your beneficial soil biology, which could be preventing your plants from taking up nutrients. You can't be over watering that much, right? Certainly not. You are a fantastic grower. It's not humidity, it's not lack of nutrients. Hmmm…

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