Is Smoking Weed Okay? Should Marijuana Be Legal in India? – #UnplugWithSadhguru – Spiritual Life

Is Smoking Weed Okay? Should Marijuana Be Legal in India? – #UnplugWithSadhguru – Spiritual Life More Videos of Sadhguru: …


  1. Everyone ask this guy questions like he knows all, when he really doesn't, most of what he says is what he believes or regurgitating things said by others, an that doesn't make it true. I take what he says with a grain of salt.

  2. Smoking cannabis is like drinking tea is enjoying the beauty of mother nature since thousand years, this Sadhguru is fake just a clean political business man, nothing to do with millions of guru that smoke the Soma ?

  3. " if we do some marijuana, why don't we do some cocaine?" This statement is just wrong. Weed cannot and should not compare to cocaine,
    Weed can have very beneficial properties to you, and it doesn't cause any sort of phiscal dependence. However cocaine can ruin your health and it's highly addictive. I have respect for the ghuru but this is just missinformation.

  4. First point, never ask a 'Guru' what you should do with your life. The good teachings speak for themselves. If you want to be controlled just move to Communist China. Sadhguru is a BS person. Everything he says is to make himself look like most smart person in the room. This is dumb linking. Cannabis is spiritual accelerant. BUT, you should not abuse anything. This is NOT a party drug. Ideally you approach the plant teachers in reverence, in meditation, at home, alone. Maybe 2x a week is plenty. Then he uses Nancy Reagan / Richard Nixon war on drugs 'gateway drugs'. No, this is disproven. We are running out of time on this planet. Plant teachers help us accelerate our consciousness evolution. Do not TRUST any guru who runs a business or large organization. If they are in conflict with governments or controversy, sex, or criminal accusation, then avoid that teacher. They are not pure. Plants are pure.

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