Is Marijuana Addictive? Hear what experts have to say.

For the past 100 years cannabis has been demonized as a highly addictive and dangerous substance. But most people who consume cannabis on a regular …


  1. By this logic, people are addicted to coffee, internet, video games, Instagram, showers, pooping, exercising, running walking sitting, kissing a lover, hugging your child. Addiction is not a crime. Addiction becomes harmful only when the legal status of the act/substance one is addicted to, is ridiculous. Like making a plant illegal? What is up with that? Even after we know there was one dickwad named Anslinger who just wanted to keep his job after alcohol prohibition, invented this silly war on drugs. Addicts don't need to be branded criminals. Leave addicts the fuck alone and treat them with love and compassion. If alcohol and tobacco can be bought in a fucking supermarket, humor me just why the fuck cant I smoke a plant's dried flower and mind my own fucking business?
    TL;DR fuck off with the addiction argument.

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