Is Hemp Bombs CBD Real? I sent it to a lab. WTF. NOT CLICKBAIT.

Hemp Bombs CBD review. Plus I sent it to a lab to see if it’s real CBD. I paid for the product and the lab tests. This is not sponsored. This is my honest review.


  1. Ha. Great marketing SCAM. CBD does nothing for me. My fiancé swears by it. Would have been nice to consume CBD than my anxiety medicine. Just gunna stick to the big pharma companies. How disappointing. Great video.

  2. Edit: Oh you covered it lol. I seen a lab result from Wisconsin 3rd party lab like very trusted lab and the results said no cbd not even traces in the gummies and other products

  3. I'm not sure if their always spot on or not. Sometimes I'd
    buy capsules or a tincture and their stuff would feel spot on and I'd feel great, and sometimes it'd feel weak or I'd feel almost nothing. I stopped buying retail though its cheaper and more potent and fresh if you make your own cbd oil. Get a good carrier oil and a gram of distillate or isolate and you can make a really decent tincture.

  4. Interesting once again, because I have tried a couple of these products, the gummies and the watermelon flavored 600 mg, I think it was, oil, and without ever hearing this review, I would not have ever repurchased any of these products because I felt absolutely nothing at all, this probably explains why?, once again, I'm not a big believer in coincidences? and many thanks my friend, these reviews are so informative and you always give me a laugh or two when I can sure use one LOL

  5. I bought their vape shit like a year and a half ago. Strawberry milk tasted awful even though everyone raved about it and it did nothing for me. Didn’t think they were THIS shady though.

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