Is Cannabis Weed Oil a Miracle Drug?

In this short documentary, Luke Rudkowski investigates medical cannabis oil use in Holland and the laws surrounding it. This video contains interviews with …


  1. People who dislike pot I bet have never even done a study about the science behind it they just think they know it all,Most think you can just smoke it…Get educated before you knock something don't just judge going in blind…

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  3. The only people that don't enjoy smoking cannabis are the ones who smoked or ingested too much their first time…

    There is a happy medium for everybody. The true benefits of psychoactive cannabis don't become apparent until one has acquired a tolerance.

  4. Did anybody learned anything from Rick Simpson? You didn't do a very good job on hiding that man's identity. That man didn't even make the oil right & it worked. Imagine if he had made the real stuff? Rick Simpson. Is the man who should be recognized as the greatest of all time!

  5. Would love to see (and try) a cannabis oil made from an old sativa strain from pre-prohibition days. In my teenage years I got to try an old strain of cannabis some local had been keeping alive. It was amazing. As an adult I got to try a more modern strain. At that time I didn't know much about cannabis and figured it was about as strong as the old strain I tried before. Boy was I wrong. It was amazing too but in a totally different way. With the old strain (pretty much pure sativa) I was still very functional mentally and physically even after a tobacco pipe full of the delicious stuff. I could surely tell I was pretty stoned but was fully aware and remembered every bit of the experience. The modern cannabis (mostly indica) locked my ass to the couch and gave me an attention span of about five seconds. A simple ten foot walk across the room was a never ending adventure. With the modern strain it was just a little mixed with tobacco. Maybe 1/4 as much. All in all, I do not like the new stuff. Every modern strain/hybrid I have tried just doesn't "feel good". Sure, makes me happy. Sure, helps with my severe anxiety. However, hardly functional. I wish I could find that local who had that strain to see if he still had it. He is probably rotting in a prison cell somewhere and that old strain destroyed.

  6. 1 thing i dont get.  Now all of the sudden everyone is obsessed with CBDs.  Ok i get that.  But what is this "so we dont have to get high" crap?   Even the dude "pot father" guy was saying that.  Then says "50% of getting better is how a patient feels."  That modern medicine "treats people like a car."    But if THC is the psychoactive in the plant why are avoiding that when it most readily affects how we feel?  So even people in the industry, IMO, are pandering to these retarded people by saying they can remove the THC.  But to my perception that is the most affective part of the plant. 

    So even one of the guys on the leading edge of the entire industry is pandering and giving example that maybe THC is negative and CBDs are the best because they dont get you high.  They are damaging the reputation of THC.  When not enough research has been done(or at least that ive been able to find) has shown that CBDs are jesus and THC is the devil.  So i dont really like how they are kinda slandering THC sorta passive aggressively.  
    Whos to say the high does not also possess positive medical affect.  When i already know for sure that it has a positive mental effect on ones perceptions and awareness.  Why are we trying to subtract that out?  We got tons of uptight assholes who need a lil high.

    If they have chronic yada yada yada, id be happy if they had to get high to cure it.  Tehy can cure themselves physically with CBDs and mentally with THC.  Forget removing it.

    My back is hurt and i need "medicine" that may be in teh form of CBDs.  But fuck you i like getting high too.  Not your godamn business.   Dont pander to people, if they are too stupid or scared to discover new things then thats their problem.  

  7. The United States government would rather see its people incarcerated or dead rather than compromise the interests of big-business,this alone is what the drug war is actually about,not saving people from themselves,wake up America  you are not free!!!!!

  8. Yes your miracle is that you make lots of money selling it and lie when it comes to paying your taxes.

    Nothing medical about it other than you don't puke like you do after getting drunk but then alcohol kills germs and weed is the friend of molds and spidermites and most of you smokers are dumb as a pile of stems and seeds and end up expecting to have free money in the mail since your IQ drops more and more every year of faking this "medical" BS.

  9. Why do some people go on a holy tirade at the mere mention of cannabis. Cannabis is most likely the safest thing we can partake of. As far glaucoma is concerned it is the best in reducing eye pressure and did i mention the safest. I can speak for myself as far for using it for pain and depression its the most effective. Do some research people look at both sides before you comment.

  10. weed is the cure for health for hunger and check this out .. if enough is grown im sure it will reverse the green house effect .. its a massive earth saving plant .. if its about peace it will die .. they wont let it grow

  11. holland why holland . oh yeah thats where bayer pherm is .. the grow norhtern lights for the us government and it privet patients .. yes weed oil works ,, rick simpson has proof .. why we watching this your children should be tout that cannabis is the cure .its is a drug so coffee .. this country is betting on you to not make it legal so they can make money off the spent radiation rods , hey it nakes good cream oh and we can spray tobacco with it to yeah USA is really looking out for your health

  12. helps an that to be prejudice against it is stupid. Just the same as high amounts of vitamin C can treat illnesses and cancer so can weed oil. but they want us to be sick it makes everyone of the elite a lot of money. Ive literally spend at least 100,000 on my illness and am not just starting to get better id say 60 percent better through acupuncture and supplements but I wish I could take weed oil to see if it would help. The government and Pharma are not our friends

  13. yea its funny how our government helps smuggle in almost every drug but the ones that are good or ok for you (cannibus/dmt). I realized they dont want you to be healthy. I have a chronic illness myself fibromyalgia,interstitial cytsitis and myofacial pain syndrome and they shoved ever drug down my throat nerve blockers and antidepressants and some really harsh drugs that when I had an adverse reaction and called my dr he never called me back! I dont smoke weed but I know that medical marijuana

  14. My son attends MIT and I believe you are a liar and you are not in any way part of that community. I have met the individuals at MIT and none would be ignorant enough to post a comment such as yours.

    P.S. Cannabis is a miracle plant but you are too obtuse to ever figure it out.


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  16. look up the endo cannabinoid system this is why cannabis works every living thing has this this is why we cant over dose on it and cures pretty much anything amazing plant not to mention hemp that gives you gas oil houses concrete cloths etc etc… wowowoowwowwowoo holy shit no wonder its illegal

  17. I don't back slide truth, nor would a youtube comment make me nervous lol, But i reiterate the truth in different views, i know damn well that it cure's. My intentions are to educate, rather than to slam facts on someone. By potential i mean smoking cannabis isn't as effective as ingesting/applying R.S oil. People who don't know anything about cannabis look at the subject as "smoking" and need to understand its full medical potential, Like turning the plant into curing hemp oil ;). Peace, man.

  18. I'm 28 and I am suffering from a corrupt world, I suffer from heart pains, I get bad headaches, I have a really bad pain in my right foot I believe it to be arthritis.

    I will not be allowed Cannabis oil, let alone Cannabis, I must do it myself. I will not be labeled by a corrupt society. Stand up and open the heart and mind you have!

    God bless everybody who believes in a better world.

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