INTRODUCTION To How to Feed and Water Your Cannabis Plants

INTRODUCTION To How to Feed and Water Your Cannabis Plants How to measure the parts per million of your water and also the way that we should add …


  1. Ya need a RO System. Your not removing much Tigerfish, its cannabis bro science. the Chlorine used in the water these days can NOT be removed by a air stone! Your sharing someone else's incorrect information.

  2. Awesome Work and Product Presentation Broski!!! Great Tipz, Techniques and Methods to Achieve Top Quality Topz! Yes Indeed!!! On Point and Spot On! This Update will be on my Most Detailed and Descriptive Information playlist! Thanks for sharing! Cheers Famz!!! Much Props and Much Ph!??

  3. I add Ecothrive to my tap water and leave it for an hr or so. I'm growing Autos in Biobizz Lightmix feeding 1/4 strength Biobizz Nutes every 3rd watering but still have mad PPM issues so end up spending more time flushing. It's getting a bit ridiculous now!
    Do you recon it's best to leave water standing for 48 hrs even after treating with Ecothrive? Or maybe it's just these bloody autos, I've never had anywhere near as many issues with Photos ever ?

  4. I’ve just lost half of my grow trying to skip this step because life gets in the way. 100% leave your water in a bucket with air for as long as you can. I’ve never had a problem with water I’ve had bubbling away for a week.

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