1. Indiana will be the only state that doesn't go green..Holcomb has to go before it will go forward…He has stated numerous times that as long as he is Governor it will not be legal..even if its made on a federal level Marijuana will not be sold legally in Indiana no matter what the people want…

  2. It IS The Official State of Indiana religion-pee testing, 'nano' grams, a very expensive religion led by mentally ill.
    MOST people stop playing with urine and such at age five–They grow-up!
    NOT in Indiana, the testing is a MULTI millions$ "Industry", they BUY and sell Indiana law makers. that type of Invasive pee watching Mental illness-as practiced Government Religion.
    Imagine 2500 Indiana NURSES not watching pee all day, and helping on the virus-against their expensive , tax payer sicko religion. Just look how they do-ALL bought off(million$ from testing Corporations) corrupt law makers.

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