Increase Your Lowball VA Disability Rating By Using Medical Evidence

You filed a VA disability claim and you were expecting a fair rating but when you went to your mailbox and opened up your VA Rating Decision letter you were …


  1. Man, I just got the finding on my left foot and I'm still at 30%. I think I have to appeal. No mention of the diabetes. Only thing with the diabetes is that it wasn't diagnosed during active service. Only diagnosed during last year or so.

  2. Excellent evidence Mr. CC. Been offline a bit due to the worst ice storm in Southern Virginia in 20 years. Got the generator going now. Happy beer:30 to all, and stay safe.

  3. VA doctor visit was interesting. Call in for eval. Med Tech took temperature, oxygen level and blood pressure. Doctor took blood pressure again and asked me why I was claim hypertension on my claim. He said blood pressure was good. I told him how I had been treated during most of my 38 years (Yes, 38 years) for high blood pressure and was currently under meds for that issue. He said you can't claim high blood pressure. But I am taking meds to control it. He scratched it off my claim. How does this work?

  4. Great information CC. Served from 82-91, filed in July 2018 received 30%, first round, filed for secondaries in June 2019 after I remembered during my C&P that the examiner said I should file for secondary because the way I was walking. Sent some private X rays, C&P for those raised it to 50% in Dec 2019, then to 90% in March 2020 after more C&P’s. Active duty Medical evidence is key. I’m in Europe, so the last two C&P exams where in Germany, they wanted to send me to Poland but that was way too stressful. You have to pay for everything up front then they will reimburse you. VES did mine.

  5. Combat Craig
    I rated 0% for my bilateral Pes Planus. Later my VA Doctor diagnosed me with bilateral Planter Fasciitis as well. I'm going for an increase for Pes Planus. Do I need to file a secondary for my Planter Fasciitis even though my VA doc knows about it? I'm taking injections for planter Fasciitis from VA

  6. I was evaluated in 2003 they didn't send me any info or anything I went to the VA with my father for an appt. I went to the benefits department in 2016 and they told me I had been labeled disabled with 0 % and never know it. I contracted TB germs in lungs. Over the years they screwed me around. Been diagnosed ptsd, tinnitus. Not sure how to proceed.

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