1. She hates America! Explain to us why you cheated on your taxes, illegal campaign funds, married your brother but yet were married to someone else? Using America for her own financial gain and stupid America allows it!

  2. So who voted for this woman? She had insest marriage, and funded her husband company thru her campaign donations, she also had used millions covid relief money for her husband’s business. And why is she putting a towel on her head? Did she just got out from the shower?? I am confused.

  3. You have to understand that it's not good to lie more than you sold the atom and the neutron to the Chinese. You have to understand that you don't punch me in the mouth. I go over them. You have to understand this. I went into your computers and you have to understand this and more than that I found a lot of things that I published on Google and moreover you tell your bosses not to do other nonsense and more than that you tell them at your Sepsis to bring the truth to the surface so that it no longer hides behind

  4. to remember one thing it's not good to lie I'm not interested in politics and I'm interested in the situation on the planet you have to understand that it's better to be peace than to be war so don't lie to me Anyway if I had to be a function I was a politician. But remember one thing that no one cares about politics so you can go with the lie where you want you pay another man and more than that you have to understand that you sold chemical weapons to the Chinese and you will end up in before the international courts we have already prepared documents are very important documents you have to understand that these documents are secret you will not get to these documents more than that

  5. defund and abolish the police she screamed. Minn listened and now they will spend 4.6 to recruit more police.. Most police left the city after they were treated like sheet. There is still like 150 officers on ptsd layoff /// because of this anti semitic loser. How much campaign funds did you give your husband? 2.8 million , and he got ppp money to boot. in the tune of 360 thousand. disgraceful POS…………. then pelosi rewards her with a cushy committee position.

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