1. This movies just goes to show that being disabled doesn’t mean you can’t raise a child. I think Sam does a great job at parenting despite what people had seen and assumed. Judging parenting abilities based on disabilities is honestly sickening.

  2. I love this movie! Every time I watch it I think “I will not cry…I know the ending…I will not cry this time!” I cried every time!!! My face is all wet. The acting is incredible!

  3. Hey, if he works in a Starbucks his seven year mental capacity shouldn't make any difference. By the way, what's with all this crying going on in these films? It's just an act trying to seem compassionate in a dispassionate age – and putting on the "secure" man act. Yeah right, just trying to prove something.

  4. All of y'all need to see the movie ( savanna smiles ) 1982. Starring Beautiful little adorable Bridgette Andersen. This movie will touch your heart in a very big way????????⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️??????????⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️?⭐️

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