How to Grow Weed (Full Guide) Weeks 1-2

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  1. Hey guys! I was gonna make weeks one and two of this grow separate videos but I felt there wasn't enough content to create something I'd be sastified with. So instead I combined both week one and two into the same video! I'll see you guys soon because there is a ton of work that needs to be done on all three grows! Cheers

  2. hey ….. congratulations for the videos and the advice you give.
    I am writing to you from Sicily
    I'd love to share my progress with you and maybe tell me how I'm doing?
    thank you in advance and keep it up !!!!

  3. I’m having some issue with my Vivosun 600 watt. I feel like it’s drying my soil out too quick or the light is too strong for the plants. Some of my autos seem stunted so I’m just feeding ph water lately trying to get them to recover. They light is high enough at about the recommended distance and I’m just using an organic soil with added perlite.

  4. Thank you SO much seed to stoned.. everyone follow my try at growing on instagram @illmangenetix This guy helped me A LOT! As well as my dad and other friends in the industry. Ain’t give up marijuana is a plant just like everything else. They call it WEED for a reason. Pretty easy to grow IMO but perfecting it is difficult good luck

  5. That's nearly not full guide. It's helpful for ppl who already know what to do where to look for and how to do so. I don't know any of the stuff I mentioned using and idk where I can get them. You should explain what are used for so I can find alternatives.

  6. Great video, thanks for sharing the knowledge!
    I'm a novice grower having done a lot of research before investing in equipment and diving into my first full experience with the indoor grow hobby.
    I'm in a state where it's legal to grow for personal use and am well below the state guidlines for the number of plants I can grow since I'm only working with two plants in the 36 X 36 size grow tent I have.
    I'm currently into my first week of growing and have a question regarding PH levels for water.
    I've calibrated my PH meter per the instructions it came with, and have a separate liquid PH Up/Down test kit.
    The PH meter indicated that the PH level was slightly above 8.0, however the liquid test kit showed something closer to 6.0 via the color chart with the sample draw I captured this morning.
    In your opinion, what would you consider to be most accurate, the PH meter, or the liquid testing kit?
    I think it should be noted that the water I'm using is plain tap water, with no additional nutirents at this time since the seedlings are still very young.
    My tap water runs at about 9.0 PH directly from the faucet, and the water I have in the five gallon resevoir tank, running through an indoor irrigation timer system, was PH adjusted with two doses of PH down 24 hours prior to the samples taken today.
    Any input you have is greatly appreciated, thank you!

  7. Just started a grow closet. Started with window grow until some equipment came in and all five still look great ! Got three more getting planted tomorrow! I can’t wait !

  8. Is it necessary to use all of these fancy soils or can you use normal soil from the hardware store?
    Im on a tight budget and I already have fertilizers but I can't afford to get expensive soil shipped to me

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