How to fight the Weed Brain Fog? My Best 3 Tips

In the first video of the channel, I would like to give you advice on how to combat the weed-induced brain fog. Please note that there is no way of getting rid of the …


  1. i’d smoke usually maybe 6-8 hits of a dab pen everyday for probably 5 monthes now with maybe like 3 breaks my longest break was 7 days another break was i think 4 days then the other 3 days and i decided to quit 2 days ago but i smoked yesterday and the day before but i didn’t get high so idk if that counts or not but i’m so used to the brain fog that i feel normal and idk how bad it is when i’m near my parents i act different like i fumble my words because they don’t know i smoke or anything and stuff my memory isn’t bad but i don’t remember everything in detail i just remember it but i’m living with it fine i lift weights and hang out with friends a lot so we’re always like outside and that’s kinda like cardio i also have adhd and am 14 some days i don’t eat much some days i eat a lot so my weight kinda alter from like 105-115 and i’m 5,4-5,5 i also have decently bad anxiety that comes and goes but its always there depending on the situation i play video games and am on my phone a lot because i need to socialize if i don’t i get really fidgety and bored and i’m like what the fuckkkk so i’m just wondering if i drink a lot of water or go on a special diet or something will that word or if i start adding cardio to my workouts will that help or just anything

  2. I started smoking weed frequently at the age if 15-16 . I had not realised what was happening to my brain during the time I was smoking. I quit smoking at around the age of 17 and from then I could clearly feel a difference in my mind . Most of the time I couldn't think clearly and it was affecting the quality if my life . I then knew that I had a problem but I did not know what it was . This video shed light upon my situation . Thanks

  3. Hello I want know how long it takes to feel back normal? Because I’ve only smoked heavy for four months and I’ve been exercising daily,eating healthy,and etc and it’s been over a month and I still don’t feel normal compared to other people I feel like it should be over since it wasn’t for a long period of time?

  4. Hi i smoked my first weed ever last saturday and my second on monday and when i woke up tuesday morning i felt like these same side effects but idk if its a hangover or brain fog but today is currently thrsday night when im texting u this and i still feeling like i cant focus abd my reaction time is slow can u give me some advice im very scared im only 15 idk what kind it waz but i know it waz something heavey like high grain or something

  5. 3 days into being sober and part of the day I feel “normal” other half that brain fog is intense, and I really don’t wanna quit for months to get rid of it, I’m just taking a break because of my cough and for my mental health
    But I’ve been smoking nearly everyday for 2 years and I’m 17, I just really hope this shit goes away
    Any tips to speed up the process?

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