How To Clone Cannabis In Depth For A 100% Success Rate & Healthy Strong Plants

Or Go To The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out And Waking And Baking And Doing Things A Little Different Today And …


  1. I'm a huge fan of the more expensive, thicker black Mondi trays. The thin ones just break when you wash and stack them, say good bye if you ever step on one. The thick ones are like 1000% more expensive but they're so worth it. Buy once, cry once.

  2. 22:33 – resistance when putting into the cube/puck is super bad, ive noticed throughout the years those that get their wounds shoved through medium are the slowest and weakest clones.
    If the moisture level of the peat puck is correct, after you soak, give them a small squeeze until you can squeeze it from either side with your fingers to open up a crack like a fissure to insert the clone. Place that cut on a flat surface to "tamp" the puck into shape with a flat bottom and close the fissure at the top, pinch the top opening around the stem so that it isnt an open cavity to allow the clone to shift inside. For the first few days, be super gentle with them, just spraying them can spin them in their cubes/pucks, and damage the early progress, whatever that actually looks like.

    Like someone else said here, dont fuss over them, but dont let the pucks bone dry out, spray the dome or pool in the bottom for a bit of capillary, keep humidity up, and just wait. heat mat, trim tips, hormones, all good things mentioned for a great video.

  3. peat pucks need a bit of a small squeeze before you set and forget them for 2 weeks. too much moisture and, like Guru said, there isnt a correct balance of moisture to air around the root zone; that's probably why Dude had issues with peat pucks, otherwise you cant really screw them up than being too wet.

  4. strong stem, 4-5 internodes , 1 shoot , bury 1 internode in medium, place in plastic bag, poke one hole every day , spray 1 time every day til day 3 . day 7-10 finished.. .. or just stick a branch in the medium and wait 12-14 days .. 😉

    KISS, KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.. cut a growing branch to size , put in medium, spray it 3 times a day for 3 days , humidity 70 + or tent.

  5. My favorite dome was made by munots.
    It was yellow unfortunately but it was stronger and tighter fitting than mondi offerings now.
    Anyone remember vita-lite power twist fluorescents?
    My old school is showing.✌️

  6. When it comes to cloning try not to overthink it. Its all in your prep. Choose your cuts carefully and cut them cleanly. Put them in the dome with their heat pad with some water in the bottom and leave them be. Dont open them. Pop the vent for a few mins to exchange air once a day and leave them be. Most ppl stress them by messing with them. They know what to do let them do their thing.

  7. I've found that a node isn't always necessary for the cutting to root. I've done side by sides dozens of times and the the cuttings with no node always root. They my be a day behind, if behind at all, but they always root. I use the exact method described otherwise.

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