How the food you eat affects your gut – Shilpa Ravella

The bacteria in our guts can break down food the body can’t digest, produce important nutrients, regulate the immune system, and protect against harmful germs.


  1. Be careful with the chocolate as it contains a lot of processed sugar. I avoid sugar altogether 'cause it's like eating just a little poison. Why eat even a little when you can eat something that has benefits? Use honey, xylitol and liquid stevia instead!

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  3. My 13 year old cat was sick, he was acting scared, and not going to his litter box. We went to the pet store and a worker there suggested a PRO BIOTIC. We gave him the medicine into his cat food. Well, I could not believe it, after about 4 days he was a different animal! He is now a happy frisky cat, using his litter box, it's like he's a kitten again! This proves to ME that healthy gut Flora, can change your mental health,as well as your physical health ??

  4. I don’t want to eat bad food, why would i want to bad food. But i can’t help eating food roughly, because i live alone. I’m sure it made it very easy for me to get hurt my body!

  5. I always wonder if smoothies aren't actually 'good enough' for your health (mind: selfmade smoothies – with strawberries, banana, apple, vegan milk, orange juice and after mixing it oats and flax seed added)

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