How Marijuana Affects the Brain: THC & CBD

In this video, I provide a tour-de-force overview of how marijuana affects the brain. I discuss the effects of cannabis consumption as a whole before discussing …


  1. 100% spot on with the activation of the 5-ht2a receptor. I accidently self-induced something similar by taking 5-htp tablets before smoking weed & sure enough experienced discomfort/anxiety dispite not being the type.

    also on a test cycle atm at 19. you've got me starting to wonder if im just gonna fry my brain. already have adhd so I've got low executive function to begin with. knowing my luck weed & test probably have a synergistic effect on damage to EF

  2. What interests me about THC (I've never consumed isolated THC just full spectrum cannabis) is although while under its effects my information comprehension and retention is inhibited (based on the amount I consume of course, at low amounts I am still well capable of listening to a video that's 10-15 minutes long (any longer and the attention span effects turn me away from that form of content) packed with information and retaining most of it but in general my information processing abilities are definitely in the upper echelon, my friends in physics say I have an unfair photographic memory which I agree with in ways, if a topic interests me I can absorb said information at an extremely fast rate usually remembering and understanding after one read through or for complex abstract theories after pondering on them for awhile, the problem with me is always if I don't find the subject interesting or if I don't prepare in time due to laziness) however while under its effects what I already know, comprehend and understand has came together to form very creative and innovative ideas, I was going to do my final year project on one particular idea until I realised we have a lack of research we have done (literally almost nothing after searching for days) on the basics of what I'd need and how much time it would actually take for me to polish it to the extent I'd want with what is already an obscene workload in final year maths and physics (I won't ever disclose it online, but it's to do with matter reclamation from waste regardless of its form, and is rooted in experimental technology are researching heavily now but particular variables would be VASTLY different, again if I said the field of physics in which it's rooted, what variables are different etc. it could easily disclose enough for someone to steal said idea) this was solely conceived while on cannabis and perhaps caffeine prior to my nootropic regiment, this may just be me individually responding well to it's altering of brain chemistry, but I find it interesting such a detailed idea came to me under the influence of a substance I am well aware basically solely inhibits information retention and comprehension processes in our brains. Great video as always, even more reason to limit my use and have that time be just for hedonistic purposes.

  3. I’ve been using thc every night for years now for the nice relaxation and positivity effect it has , I’d probably have to agree with you that my mind isn’t as sharp as I’d like it to be. Part of that is my fault by not training my brain . I do know of people who smoke a lot and are still very intelligent and sharp ex. I’m going to try switching to cbd and see if I still get that relaxation effect at night and if my cognitive function improves . I’ve also heard cbd derived from hemp plant isn’t as good as from the cannabis plant because it lacks the different cannabinoids I believe .

  4. Thanks for posting this video, Leo. I've never been truly educated on the effects cannabinoids have on my brain. Now that I'm educated, im looking forward to taking control of my long term health.

    Here's a great artisan CBD bud/CBD product company based out of mass

    I dont have enough good things to say about this company. The ownership actually cares about their customers. Great guys. Spoken with the several times at industry events & networking groups.

    Bless up Leo🤙

  5. Hey Leo. Is it best to ask a question here or elsewhere?

    Just wanted to ask if you knew why Fluoxetine (ssri) is causing me hand tremors? Been on it for months and i noticed this side effect has got worse and worse.

    I have read it as a common side effect (Off the internet about Fluoxetine)

    Not sure what path would be causing this? Usually epinephrine raising compounds will do this but fluoxetine doesn't mess with that system.

    Any way i could offset this? The medication works a treat but i am trembling like i have mild parkinsons 🙁 Only seems to be in the mornings and it gets better as the day progress's


  6. Cannabis, cannabis, cannabis. Oh boy. Everything you've said is so true. I began to use cannabis at about 11 years old and did not stop untill about the age of 20. I am 21 now. The long term effects post quiting are true. However, I believe the effects are slowly going away. After stopping, I enrolled back into school, and learning is slightly slower-so I need to work harder. However, I do not think the effects are too much, because for the first time in my life I've completed an entire semester of algebra with an A. Not only this, but I completed the semester in 6 weeks. So therefore it seems that the negative products of long term cannabis use can be reversed through neurogenesis from my understanding. But I believe: diet, exercise, and consistently learning must be variables applied to achieve neurogenesis.

  7. Excellent post. however, your broad encouragement off Ssris is reckless. Many, many, people have horrifically bad reactions to them…

    There seems to be one subtype of bio-individuality where people do well with ssris. This may be a minority.

    However, the same group of people would get a superior benefit from taking Sam adenosine methionine in most cases..

  8. Very informative video Leo . This was a good deep dive into the effects of marijuana , I already knew I should start to smoke a little less than I have been doing lately but this video was good enough to convince me that I shouldn't visit my local native reservation where I buy my weed . I think people would be interested to hear you do a similar style of video but instead of marijuana you could do kratom

  9. This is a subject that I firmly believe needs to get looked at deeply. It's incredibly difficult to find the discussions about marijuana that I'm personally looking for on the internet. (like which strains and types are the best segue to quitting smoking entirely, etc) You're absolutely right about the loss of motivation that comes with simply raping your dopamine receptors with tightly packed bowls or joints of the strongest strains and not leaving any of your natural daily allotted dopamine for you to be able to fall back on for the rest of your day when you inevitably come back down. Extremely dank Indica strains I've noticed do this the worst (I have a joint from the clinic that I'm currently keeping shelved because of just HOW GOOD it honestly is and because I've already smoked one last week) But the biggest issue with pot and myself would be the cognitive decline. A strong sativa can leave this area of your brain relatively more intellectually intact whilst accessing the dopamine pathways but all in all I find that nothing is nearly as good as the God given copacetic state that the brain naturally strives in and functions at its peak condition. This is some "data" we can call it that I've acquired from years of mistakes and haphazardly ingesting this potent and powerful plant like it's a Michelob Ultra or something lol. I really appreciate this video Leo. God bless you brother.

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