How does your body know what time it is? – Marco A. Sotomayor

Being able to sense time helps us do everything from waking and sleeping to knowing precisely when to catch a ball that’s hurtling towards us. And we owe all …


  1. What about the possibility that Siffre’s, and for that matter, our, time schedule is learned? A newborn would make a much better subject-especially that newborns seem to not have sense of day and night with all their unregulated sleep cycles.

  2. 우리몸이 시간을 어떻게 인지하는지, 쉽게 말해서 시계가 없어서 정확한 시간을 모르지만 우리가 먹고 자는 우리의 생활 사이클이 어떻게 언제나 비슷한지에 대하여 배워보는 시간이 되었습니다. 좋은 시간이 되었습니다. 감사합니다.

  3. Our body also has a specific time for the amount of sleep/wake up we need. I think that's the reason why many people wake up/sleep in different hours in a day. Just like me, I always woke up around every 0500, but I feel very sleepy every 1100 so I sleep until 1300 and then ate my lunch.

  4. 僕はスマホが大好きだけど、体内時計のために21時を回ったら強制的にスイッチを切るようにしてる。ブルーライト遅くなっても見続けてると、目がギンギンになっちゃうみたいだから。

  5. He didnt talk about Pineal gland which secreats Malatonin and pineal gland is responsible to keep track for time, which is another dimension of space apart from 3D-Space. Abilities of Pineal gland is more then, understood or shown, weather to connect us to higher dimensions etc.

  6. Brain use a mechanism of looking clock to know the current time.
    Say for example

    Us: thinking what time it is?
    Brain: come lets look the clock.
    Us: walking and looking at the clock.
    Brain: current time is 01:30 PM(by looking the numbers and needle in the clock)
    Us: understanding the time

    Both the brain and us happy. This is a happy ending story.

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