"How Do I Reveal My TRUE Self After Trauma?" Unmasking Roadblocks | Psychotherapy Crash Course

Trauma #tamarahilllpc #healing Getting to know your true self after experiencing trauma can be very difficult. Defense mechanisms, fear, anxiety, depression, …


  1. I really love that you touched on covid and the effects it's had on everyone, this is a great topic to include in mental health since so many people including those who didn't struggle daily with mental illness are now starting to struggle and lots of reflection is given to us during this time of lockdown on our personal lives. Thanks for being here on YT. ❤

  2. I loved this video because I'm at a place of trying to manage and move on from my past as well as find myself and what matters to me but still have so much self doubt and times of low self belief and negativity which is compounded by my family mainly my mother who I don't have contact with trying to regain control in anyway she can.
    So I was wondering if your able to do a video that might include ways of keeping focus on the road ahead when toxic people from your past are doing everything they can to prevent you from succeeding.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day!
    You're no pessimist- you are a pioneer on the right path and a real social justice warrior and a sweetheart 💖. So, thank you and God bless you, Támara.
    I can personally relate to almost every example that you touched on.
    From my rocky childhood to my rebellious tweens to my rebirth and recovery from failed relationships to more recoveries and reevaluations and realizations, I was exposed to many of those traumatizing encounters- a culture of carelessness and cutthroats. It's so prevalent in my relatives that I almost became numbed down to the curses and the cycles of cauterized chaos and cloudy calamities.
    The sense of it is like its a self perpetuating socialized stigma sustaining a strategically submerged socioeconomic storm of subterfuge.
    The subterfuge is stigmatized like all of the struggles and strife of the crabs stuck in a lidless bucket.
    A lid-less bucket full of crabs seemed to be such an acceptable part of the ecosystem that even the most obvious way out is opposed by the other crabs.
    It's like imagining them saying, "The only ways out of the bucket are as shark food or seafood- so why try?!
    Then it's like all you ever hear again are more excuses favoring hopelessness and learned helplessness.
    And I will admit that it kind of bothers me that I can't depend on my relatives.

  4. This was helpful and came at a good time as I’v been stuck for sometime and covid situation ace it worse. I’m adapting an inner narrative that reminds me that we are going through a pandemic so take it easy on yourself. Being alone doesn’t help and even the one or two friends are dealing with their own anxiety. Maybe you could advice on how to adapt a simple mindset when homeostasis is not working. Thanks Dr. Tamara.

  5. This was very informative Miss Hill. I'm learning a lot. I would like your perspective on how being bipolar affects someone dealing with childhood trauma. Similarly, how does a borderline personality deal with said trauma? Thank you. Please keep posting. I'll keep watching. Happy Heart's day Dr. Hill.

  6. I am looking for a therapy right now. I had a therapy for about 5 years. It was a waste of time. I learn about attachment trauma and codependency by reading a lot of books and watching a videos in YouTube. Out of every video that I watched. Your video is by far the greatest. I'm learning a lot. Now I know when I have a therapy what to ask and what to look for. my parents were narcissistic. There was so much mental and physical abuse and sexual as well. I don't consider myself as a victim. I'm survivor, I am more excited about life now. I am grateful for teaching me a lot of stuff. Very helpful, I appreciate you. Please keep up the good work. Your channel is uplifting. I'm more optimistic now than before because of you. Thank you 🙏♥️🌟👍🌟

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