How blood pressure works – Wilfred Manzano

If you lined up all the blood vessels in your body, they’d be 60 thousand miles long. And every day, they carry the equivalent of over two thousand gallons of …


  1. My grandfather had heart problems throughout his entire life, and when he passed away recently, they said he had so many stents that they couldn’t fit any more. My dad has a few stents too, so I hope that it will not develop for me!

    Thank you for the informative video! So by staying healthy and exercising, will it keep the blood pressure at a normal level and prevent it from happening? And if my dad were to start exercising and staying healthy, could the plaque be removed naturally without putting more stents in? I’m not sure if anyone will answer this due to the age of the video, but if you do, thank you!

  2. What is the best product or brand to cleanse your high blood pressure issue inherently ? I read loads of good reviews on the internet about how exactly Hybetez Remedy can help you treat your high blood pressure issue naturally . Has anybody tested out this high blood pressure secret remedy?

  3. If anyone is interested in top cure for high blood pressure the greatest success that I have had was by using the Wilfs Calmer Plan (just google it) – definately the most helpful resource that I've followed.

  4. High blood pressure is genetic. My grumpy grandfather went into the emergency room for low blood pressure in his 80’s and smoked a pipe and chewed tobacco most of his life. But he was also unfiltered. Made it to 93 dying from Alzheimer’s. My maternal grandfather was a kind and caring man, but also a worrywort and heavy cigarette smoker until he was 68 when he quit. He made it to 75 dying from an aortic aneurysm, but 15 years after having a stroke and 50/50 chance of survival.

  5. hello sir.. your video is really informative and this information was very useful improving his condition.. along with these food products i along started planet ayurveda medication for him.. and the combination worked like miracles..

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  7. I have previously had hypertension & getting drug treatments from the time that When i was 26 years of age. Of all of the treatment I’ve tested out, , Notovα Shocking Plan (Go ogle it) is definitely the one that has proven to work with my blood pressure. Within a thirty day period of adhering to the tips in the guide, there wasn`t any sort of desire for me to consume each of my medication..

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  9. This may be weird but I workout about 5 times a week. Sometimes tho like now I counted my heartbeat and it was 90 a minute. Bare in mind I’m 15. I’m not overweight and I don’t eat a lot of salty foods. Maybe i was a bit stressed?

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