In this video I share with you my deep dive analysis on high value stocks including digital currency such as Sundial Growers (SNDL), Aphria (APHA), Bluesphere …


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  2. Thx for mentioning SNDL man. Compliance reached, cash on hand, talk of acquisitions…awaiting bill passing…it could go a lot higher.. i have 2600 shares at $0.80… hoping to sell at intervals hopefully on way up to $5

  3. TDSGF is the real gem. I am waiting for it to catch BNGO soon! TDSGF has a solid financial book, very little reliance on debt/interest. Strong footings with an innovative product.

  4. Great presentation, as always. One quick question on INND: They are delinquent in filing Quarterly report. In fact, the last SEC filing was done on 9/30/2019, no filing for the entire 2020. Potential delisting anytime. Sounds a little creepy to me. Any comments, Danny?

  5. Thanks for posting your videos, I am all in on $BLSP and looking into the other stocks you mentioned. Love the fact you have the cross on the wall, maybe the Holy Spirit is watching over your investments so they are all profitable for you and your subscribers. Keep up the great content!

  6. Great video as always! I’m in on Telo Genomics at .65! Looking to hold this to at least 5$, possibly longer. I see the volume is starting to pick up on it too which seems very promising:)

  7. Thank you for the insightful video and analysis! Currently holding BLSP and even though $10 is many miles away still, I agree that the company's future is bright, especially now during the slow but steady global transition to greener energy.

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